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Check out our WELLU Newsletters to read all about services, programs, and updates related to the WELLU along with educational information regarding holistic health and wellness! Our Newsletters are released every couple months, so please watch for editions in your CSS Email Address or search through past editions below. Be a steward of your health!

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February 2016: View the complete newsletter:

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February 2015: View the complete newsletter! Featured articlues include:

WellU Wellness Wheel Challenge Wrap Up

The WellU Wellness Wheel challenge was an opportunity for faculty and staff to form teams and record healthy choices they made over the course of eight weeks. We had over 45 faculty/staff participate and form 11 different teams...Read More.

Mayo Winter Safety Tips

When the winter months roll around, it often becomes hard for many to stay motivated and continue with exercising. Because of this, WellU provides many physical programs such as Shape Up and the walking club...Read More.

April 2014: View the complete newsletter! Featured articles include:

VIP Project - What Can You Do?:
V.I.P. Very Important Person? No. Vintage Italian Pizza? No. The recent hype related to these three letters on campus is all in reference to the VIP Project...Read More.

CV Health - A Provider's Perspective:
Cardiovascular Health Screenings are perhaps the most popular service offered by the WELLU. This free program tests faculty and staff on a number of health factors and educates them with primordial risk factors...Read More.

A Key Transition for Employee Wellness:
Have you ever stopped by Tower 26 while walking through the halls of CSS? If so, you've probably seen Julie Zaruba Fountaine hard at work. In her current role as Wellness Coordinator... Read More.

Endings and Beginnings for the WELLU:
As a customer of the WELLU, you regularly receive email notifications, program reminders, newsletters, and other materials as a means of promoting our programs and services. Each of these communication pieces are the responsibility of the WELLU Student Intern... Read More.

Shape Up - Clarifying Misconceptions:
Although we could go on all day about the benefits and advantages of Shape Up, why not let Megan Perry-Spears, our VP Dean of Student Affairs, tell you about her experience... Read More.

Previous Newsletters:

February 2014: What's the Deal with Vitamin D?... WELLU Subcommittees - Moving Forward... The WELLU: An Intern's Perspective... Get to Know Your Personal Trainer

December 2013: Employee Assistance Program - Here to Support You... The PT Clinic - A Hidden Resource... Bright Light Therapy & Biofeedback... Faculty/Staff Feature - Carrie Emslander

October 2013: Features articles include: Stretching for Heart Health... Lunch & Learn Sessions... Win a $50 Gift Card... Weight Watchers at CSS

March 2013: Featured articles include: Values in Action... Speak Up, Stand up, Show up: Promoting a Safe Campus Culture... Programs and Services available to faculty/staff in BWC... Health and Wellness: A Human Resource Perspective.

January/February 2013: Featured articles posted to the WELLU Blog include: Seasonal Affective Disorder, The Ins and Outs of Student Health Services, Understanding the Role of Spirituality in Wellness, Proof that Individuals 50 Years and Older Benefit from Strength Training, Get to Know your Personal Trainer - Jason Crisp.

December 2012: Featured articles include: Feeling Stressed? Kick Seasonal Blues to the Curb... Free Cardiovascular Health Screenings... Pet Therapy... Faculty/Staff Feature: Ted Nielson.

October/November 2012: Featured articles include: Be a Steward of Your Health... Health Partners EAP... Kick off your personal fitness goals with SHAPE UP... Faculty/Staff Feature: Nora Brannan.