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WELLU's Mission is to create a campus culture that promotes a lifestyle of health and wellness.

WellU Wellness Wheel Employee Challenge

How much will your team's Wellness Wheel expand?

We have over 15 departments striving for wellness with our WellU Wellness Wheel Challenge. This is an eight week challenge where participants track healthy choices they make to earn points, and the team with the most points at the end of the challenge wins!

Wellness Wheel

Banquet Information

There will be a potluck styled banquet on January 20th at 12:00PM in Somers Main Lounge. During this banquet participants will have the opportunity to meet who their competition was throughout the challenge. WellU will be giving out 10 different prizes for those who attend the banquet! Participants will receive more information about the banquet in January.

Please email with any questions about the WellU Wellness Wheel challenge.

Wellness Wheel

Use this wheel to help you live a balanced life, by implementing multiple aspects of a healthy lifestyle. The goal of this Wellness Wheel is to expand your circle by taking advantage of different programs offered through WELLU.

To use our interactive Wellness Wheel click here

wellness wheel

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WELLU Committee

WELLU CommitteeThe WELLU Committee is a group of motivated individuals who want to help spread awareness of WELLU around campus. This group meets quarterly to discuss different wellness opportunities and to brainstorm how WELLU can better satisfy our community's wants and needs.

Well U has a variety of resources available to you.  Including, online webinars that can be viewed from the convience of your own computer

Well U has produced a series of webinars, "Stewardship in Seconds", each of the 10-20 minute webinars is focused on a different dimension of WellU.  Topics range from Desktop dining to desk exercises and more.  Go to the Stewarship in Seconds tab to watch the webinars

You can also take a quiz after viewing the webinar to be entered into a monthly drawing!

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