Admissions Process for Transfer Students

The College of St. Scholastica is proud to offer you two options to apply. The Scholastica App is a tool that we have long offered. Starting this year we are adding the Common App.

Scholastica App

Our transfer application is easy to navigate and can be saved and returned to later. Apply using the Scholastica App today.

Common App

We recognize that some students look for the ease of applying to many colleges at once. We are now proud to be a member of the Common App. First-year, transfer, and international students are welcome to use the Common App to apply.

Admissions requirements

The College of St. Scholastica admits qualified students from diverse cultural, geographical, economic, religious and racial backgrounds. Applications are evaluated based on information that demonstrates an ability to succeed both academically and socially at St. Scholastica.

Admissions criteria

Applicants who do not meet the established admissions requirements may be considered for Special Status admission.

Questions? Contact us.

Have questions? Contact our admissions team. They will help you navigate this process and clear the path to your future career.