CLEAN Recovery Services

Services and support for students in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction

Recovery Services at St. Scholastica is a community-based, peer-driven recovery support program. While certain elements are specific to St. Scholastica students, others are available without requirement. Regardless of scholastic affiliation, individuals are invited to participate with Recovery Services at a commitment level appropriate for them.

What recovery services is – and what it isn't

Recovery Services provides a framework through which students fully engage in the college experience while living in recovery.  It is based on fostering a community of support.  It is designed for students ready for college, but desiring accountability with their recovery.  Recovery Services also exists to assist students with the application process and transitioning into the Duluth/Superior recovery community.

Recovery Services is NOT treatment. Programming is focused supporting those who have admitted the powerlessness and unmanageability in their life, and are active in their recovery.

Services and support


Recovery Support with The CLEAN Program is accomplished through peer accountability.  This happens as students live out the values of 12-step recovery. CLEAN Equip works to both prepare students to support each other, and also provides them opportunities to do so.  Through coaching, students mature and are pointed to service: service to self, and service to others. The mindset of "What can I do for you" is developed. Students participating in CLEAN Equip are held to high standards, but these standards naturally complement active work in healthy recovery.

CLEAN Reside

The Sober Living Community allows students of St. Scholastica and surrounding colleges to collectively engage in living out the principles of recovery. Residents are expected to be fully committed to 12-step recovery, service work and fostering relationships with their roommates. The sober living community is within a traditional student apartment building with one floor exclusively for sober living.

CLEAN Connect

CLEAN Connect is entertainment and educ0ational programming to promote awareness of recovery and addiction, as well as provide networking opportunities for those in recovery.  CLEAN Connect is organized through individuals registering with Recovery Services and opting to receive emails and text messages announcing meetings or "like" our Facebook Page.

Applying to the CLEAN program at St. Scholastica

Acceptance to St. Scholastica is independent of the CLEAN Program. Although CLEAN staff members may advocate for you and your acceptance to the college, the admissions process is facilitated by the admissions staff and your acceptance depends on whether or not you meet the admissions requirements. 

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