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Fast Facts: Philosophy

  • Students learn to think critically, question key assumptions and construct critical responses based on sound reasoning
  • Students develop effective oral and written communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively
  • As students continually put their critical thinking skills to the test, they are better prepared for future leadership roles in their professions of Law, Medicine, Health Care, Business, Education, etc.
  • Instructors encourage and require question-asking
  • Students are given significant control over course electives to meet the major requirement
  • Major culminates with a senior seminar-students are challenged to prove their philosophical expertise by collaborating with faculty and other students in reading texts and in developing,  articulating, and defending a philosophical position
  • The philosophy major can be part of a great double major, as it has a relatively low credit requirement
  • Students can tailor their Philosophy minor to the majors they are pursuing (ethics classes for Health Science majors)
  • Lays the groundwork for further philosophy studies in graduate school

Program Requirements

Major: 36 credits
Minor: 20 credits


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  • "Philosophy opened my mind to the world, peeling back reality to look beneath to the constructs of value, meaning, justice, ethics, and what it means to be alive and human in the world. Most of what I've done in my life can be traced back to philosophy."

    – James Merle '12