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Program Facts

  • Gives an essential foundation for students who seek careers in newspapers, magazines, TV and radio broadcasting, and online journalism outlets. 
  • Students in this program will be able to prove themselves competent in both the principles and practices that they need to be top-notch communicators-effective writing, listening, verbal communication and more
  • In addition to core courses, students take undergraduate classes in history, economics, sociology, etc. so they acquire adequate knowledge for the problems and topics they'll face as journalists 

Admission to Major

Students apply to this major during their sophomore year. To gain admittance, students should have completed 10 credits within the major (which must include ENGL 2105, and a minimum grade of B- therein) but no more than 24 credits. The admission process also requires a departmental interview, a brief essay, and a review of students' unofficial transcripts and applications. Please visit our webpage for more information regarding entrance to the journalism major.  

Program Requirements

Major: 46 credits

Research or Internship Possibilities

We encourage students to pursue several internships during their undergraduate years. These can be volunteer or paid positions, or even a part-time job. Students can apply for a maximum of 12 journalism internship credits as part of their degree. Some of the intern positions students have held include Production Assistant-KARE-11 TV; Communications Assistant-Senator Norm Coleman's office; and Promotion Assistant-Midwest Communications.  


Journalists are still needed! Even though the mediums by which we convey information are constantly changing, the world still needs critically minded thinkers who can convey information in a thoughtful, easy-to-understand way.  

Graduates of Scholastica's Communication, Theatre and Art department have gone on to find work as journalists, lawyers, lobbyists, photographers, sales representatives, publishers, film producers and directors, and more. 

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  • "What I liked best about my experience in journalism at St. Scholastica was the flexibility. I didn't have to decide between print, radio or television, as I was able to get internships and experiences in all of the avenues of journalism I was interested in. The open access to the college's newspaper, the CABLE, was also key in developing and improving my interviewing and writing skills. When I did become a professional journalist, that's when I realized my breadth of experiences were so important."

    – Joe Wicklund, ‘00