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Fast Facts: Humanities

  • The humanities major affords students an opportunity to create an individual program of study within two or three disciplines within the School of Arts and Letters. The humanities disciplines are central to a liberal arts education. For example, previous humanities majors have combined coursework in the arts, English and history to develop their humanities majors. Another example would be a combination of communication and global, cultural and language studies.
  • Students have the opportunity to study the broad relationships and connections among the humanities disciplines, while also focusing on those of particular interest and significance.
  • Programs included in Humanities are:
    • American Indian Studies
    • Art
    • Catholic Studies
    • Communications
    • English
    • Global, Cultural and Language Studies
    • History
    • Medieval and Renaissance Studies
    • Music
    • Philosophy
    • Politics
    • Theatre
    • Theology and Religious Studies
    • Women's and Gender Studies 

Program Requirements

Major: 48 credits


Students are encouraged to talk with their advisor about completing an internship experience as part of the humanities major.


A major in humanities is an excellent, multifaceted preparation for many careers. The emphasis on reading, writing and critical evaluation of a broad range of historical/theoretical/artistic developments give a graduate the skills essential to personal fulfillment and professional success in the world, a world which demands effective communication skills, multicultural understanding and the ability to identify and articulate an understanding of and position on a range of issues and problems.

Sample Curriculum

Here are some classes you could take as part of this major or minor. Please note that you would not necessarily need all of these courses to fulfill a major or minor. This list doesn't include general education courses. Be sure to create your course plan in consultation with your advisor.

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Expand and Collapse Coursework

Expand and Collapse HUM 2150 - Ethnicity & Performing Arts

A consideration of the impact of the performing arts (music and dance) within African-American, American Indian, Asian-American, and Latino/a communities in the United States. Our study is structured around social and political movements that have emerged out of the performing arts. By examining songs, poetry, dance and martial arts forms in their cultural, historical and political contexts, we consider how individuals and communities use them to construct racial, class and gender identity, to express world view, make political statements, question authority and seek social justice. Throughout the course, we seek out common themes and concerns faced by the four communities we study, but we also note the ways in which individual artists creatively engage with, express, and are empowered by cultural difference.

Expand and Collapse HUM 3366 - Travel Writing

Designed for students interested in exploring Ireland through writing, this course emphasizes the writing process as adapted to travel experiences. Requirements include reading travel writing by others, keeping a journal of observations, writing several travel pieces, and participating in writers' workshops. When offered, the course is taught onsite in Ireland.

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  • "I work in a fast-paced environment that requires me to think strategically, communicate clearly and effectively, and engage with diverse groups of people around issues of community change. My humanities education at CSS helped me develop these key skills while providing me with a sustaining, justice-oriented set of values."

    – Diane Tran, ‘06, Project Manager at Grassroots Solutions