Deaf Language and Culture

Fast Facts: Deaf Language and Culture Minor

  • Builds a solid foundation of American Sign Language (ASL) and enhances communication skills for careers in any field.
  • Complements majors in fields such as education, business, science, health science, communications, psychology, and various scientific and technical fields.
  • Creates understanding and provides experiences in deaf culture while learning ASL outside the classroom through immersion opportunities to socialize with the deaf community.
  • Addresses a variety of topics in the study of deaf language and culture, including the study of ASL and its structure, ASL literature, literature in English pertaining to the deaf experience, the history of deaf people in America and around the globe, art and cinema, the experience from racial, ethnic, age and other minority groups, oppression in the lives deaf people, political, legal, and educational issues affecting members of the deaf community.
  • Provides several internship and/or culture immersion opportunities that can complement student's areas of interest.

Program requirements

Minor: 20 credits

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