Communications Major

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Program Facts

  • Enables students to become effective communicators employing a wide range of media to effectively reach vast and diverse audiences.
  • Since clear and effective communication is essential in this digital age, the program prepares students through courses in intercultural communications, media literacy, film, argumentation, persuasion and many others.
  • Findings from the American Academy of Arts & Sciences Humanities Indicators assessment show that communications programs reported the largest number of declared majors and bachelor’s degrees conferred nationwide.


Internship opportunities abound for communications students at many local organizations and media outlets. Students have interned at radio stations, public arts commissions, television stations and advertising agencies, professional sports organizations, among many other sites.


Graduates of the communications program have gone on to work as journalists, lawyers, lobbyists, photographers, sales representatives, publishers, film producers and directors. Since communication skills are needed in virtually all industries, graduates can choose from a wide spectrum of job opportunities. Communications graduates are well-positioned as the digital economy, social networking and the move toward media creation rises to prominence.

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  • "I use the information I learned through my Communications major on a daily basis...The structure of an argument and education in rhetoric that the program emphasizes has been of incredible importance. My degree gave me the education to break down arguments, take apart concepts and reconstruct ideas in a manner that fits our purpose."

    – Ilsa Peterson, ‘06