Alumni Success Stories

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Carolyn Adamski

Nature nurtured

Carolyn Adamski | Associate
Huda Zoghbi Lab | Baylor College of Medicine
2010 | Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
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Aaron Nissen

Future in focus

Aaron Nissen | Pursuing Doctor in Physical Therapy (DPT)
Mayo Clinic
2016 | B.S. Exercise Physiology
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Collin Goodspeed

The Reel Deal

Collin Goodspeed | Production Assistant
2014 | English and Communications
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Maria Olivares Boscan

Global perspective

Maria Olivares Boscan
2016 | Global, Cultural and Language Studies (GCL)
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Chris Rauschenfels

Such great heights

Chris Rauschenfels | Vice Principal
Sonoma Valley High School in Sonoma, CA.
2004 | B.A. Elementary Education
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