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Position: Lecturer, CIS/SBT
Department: C I S
Phone: (218) 723-6117
E-Mail: TBuck2@css.edu
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Dr. Thomas Buck is a Professor / Lecturer in the School of Business and Technology, and teaches courses in management ethics, technology ethics, ecommerce, information systems and programming.   With a PhD specializing in Educational Technology, Information Systems and Assessment, and an MS in Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Buck's work includes teaching, research, and antiques.

His research work is two-fold, (i) web-based assessment tools and educational game design; and, (ii) e-commerce and cultural entrepreneurship.  In assessment tools and game design, he is conducting an on-going research project on learning styles and distance learning, focusing on the developmental principles of educational psychology, game design, gender role theory, and assessment. He has also published a number of peer reviewed studies and books on topics ranging from Learning Styles and Web-based Learning to Technology Literacy Recommendations for colleges and universities.  His related published works include his book, Learning in Cyberspace: A Guide to Authentic Assessment Tools for Web-based Instruction, and his McGraw-Hill/Irwin 2014 Distinguished Papers Award winning paper, Living the Case Study: Teaching Management and Leadership Ethics Through Serious Games, published by The Society for the Advancement of Information Systems.

As a Cultural Entrepreneur and internationally recognized Conservator of East Asian Historical & Cultural Artifacts, another one of Dr. Buck's passions is his research on Japanese and Chinese history, philosophy and fine arts. Among his related published works are his books The Art of Tsukamaki and Ancient Japanese Swords and Fittings, both available on Amazon.com.

Position: Professor, CIS
Department: C I S
Phone: (218) 723-6294
E-Mail: Tgibbons@css.edu

Tom Gibbons is an Associate Professor at the School of Business and Technology.  He has an undergraduate degree Math, Physics and Computer Science from St. John's Univerity,  a Masters in Computer Science from the Univerity of Wisconsin-Madison, and a PhD in Computer Science from North Dakota State University.  His research interests are in artificial intelligence, CS education and game design. 

Tom coordinates summer technology camps at the College of St. Scholastica and also serves on the steering committee for the Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium.

Position: Asst Professor, CIS
Department: C I S
Phone: (218) 723-6797
E-Mail: kglesener@css.edu

Kris Glesener is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Information Systems department.  He enjoys teaching programming, software development, and database classes.  Before embarking on a teaching career, Kris was the Technical Lead for a software development team at Hallmark Business Connections.  Outside of school, Kris enjoys running and outdoor activities.  Kris is the director of the Northern Minnesota Track Club, a trail-running club in the Duluth-Superior area.

Position: Asst Professor, CIS
Department: C I S
Phone: (218) 723-6152
E-Mail: JRosato@css.edu

Jennifer Rosato is an Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems in the School of Business and Technology.  She has an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from St. Scholastica and a Masters of Arts in Information Systems Management from Carnegie Mellon University.  Her research interests are in K-12 computer science education, human-computer interaction on the web as well as supporting students in pursuing their own research.  She is committed to involving more women and underrepresented minorities in the CS field, especially young women in middle and high schools as well as supporting K-12 educators to integrate and offer computer science in their classroom.  She directs an NSF-funded interdisciplinary scholarship program and is dedicated to providing diverse experiences that support students in achieving their career goals.

Position: Lecturer, CIS/SBT
Department: C I S
Phone: (218) 733-2246
E-Mail: DVosen@css.edu
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David J. Vosen MA, Lecturer in the Computer Information Systems Department. He has an undergraduate degree in Chemistry with certificate in German Language and Culture from Carleton College as well as a Masters specializing in Learning Technologies from the University of St. Thomas. His varied academic interests include emerging & adaptive technologies, online education, mobile innovation & integration, web design, multimedia, cognitive science, and environmental science. D.Vo teaches courses on Computer Architecture, Computer Security, Database Modeling & SQL, Computer Software & Applications, and Ecology. He is an author of hundreds of  YouTube videos, loves to integrate themed music into his courses with over 75 unique playlists, is a web master & desktop publisher for several nonprofits, and is an active member of the NE MN STEM leadership team. His personal interests include piping on the Great Highland Bagpipe, drumming on Xbox live, swimming, esoteric philosophy, wilderness survival, reading with his daughters, visual arts, off-grid construction, and traveling far & wide.

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