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Email information is followed by @css.edu unless otherwise noted.

Position: Asst Prof/Site Coord, SWK, TC
Department: Social Work Extended Studies
Phone: (651) 403-8631
E-Mail: rcoleman@css.edu

Former Child Protection Division Manager for Ramsey County Community Human Services for nine years. Seventeen years in child welfare services with Ramsey County. National presentations/ workshops in Washington, California, Missouri, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC and Maryland on disproportionality in child welfare, transformational systems change, kinship care, poverty and neglect issues and anti-racism leadership development, implementation and training. Interests include traveling, child welfare and  authentic race dialogue facilitation.

Richard Coleman, MSW, LGSW

Assistant Professor/ Social Work Program Coordinator

Department- Social Work



B.S. Secondary Education, MSW (Master of Social Work)

Appointment and experience- Asst. Professor, 30 plus year social work experience, including, adult and adolescent mental health, county government administration, child welfare ( direct services & administration), corrections, program development, social work licensure supervision

Consultation, systems change and anti-racism work, higher education, community trainings and presentations

Interests- child welfare, higher education, domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy, systems change

Courses taught-  Undergraduate courses -Generalist Social Work Practice; Integrated Lab I,  Junior and Senior Field Practicum; Social Work with Groups, Social Work with Individuals and Families; Human Behavior and the Social Environment, Immigration Issues ( Mexico ); Understanding systems of Privilege and Oppression, NASW topics course, Child Risk Assessment, Prep for Field, Integrated Lab II ( Writing lab)

Teaching philosophy- “To teach is to touch a life forever”

Personal information- Married, four children, enjoys traveling

Memberships- NASW (National Association of Social Workers), MSSA (Minnesota Social Services Association); MCSWE (Minnesota Council on Social Work Education) BPD (Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors)

Certifications- LGSW, MN Board of Social Work, License # 1471, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Advocacy, Authentic Race Dialogue Facilitator

Publications-   R.Coleman, R,Stricker (1993) COGWORKS- Cognitive Skills Training Manual 


Position: Instructor, SWK
Department: Social Work
Phone: (218) 625-4924
E-Mail: CDonner@css.edu

Cindy teaches SWK 4441 Social Work with Communities, focusing on social work with communities/macro systems.  Cindi has worked for several years in community organizing projects, including East Hillside PATCH, is a CSS alumnus, and joined us in 2006.

Position: Admin Assistant, SWK
Department: Social Work
Phone: (218) 723-5981
E-Mail: tdriscoll@css.edu
Position: Instructor/Soc Work Prgm Coord
Department: Social Work Extended Studies
Phone: (651) 403-8647
E-Mail: mfant@css.edu
Position: Assoc Professor, SWK
Department: Social Work
Phone: (218) 625-4430
E-Mail: cgunderson@css.edu
Position: Assoc Professor, SWK
Department: Social Work
Phone: (218) 723-7048
E-Mail: LGustaf3@css.edu
Website: View

Dr. Gustafson is the Social Work Department Chair and MSW Program Director.  Dr. Gustafson joined CSS in 2004 as the Department. Chair; special interests include addictions, group practice, research and program evaluation

Position: Academic Coordinator, SWK
Department: Social Work
E-Mail: smiller8@css.edu
Position: Asst Prof, SWK (Brainerd)
Department: Social Work Extended Studies
Phone: (218) 625-4818
E-Mail: tmongan@css.edu
Position: Asst Professor, SWK
Department: Social Work
Phone: (218) 723-6032
E-Mail: SRichar3@css.edu

Dr. Richardson joined The College of St. Scholastica - Main campus, as full time faculty in 2014; special interests include healthcare policy, mental health, and child welfare.

Position: Asst Professor, SWK
Department: Social Work
Phone: (218) 723-7018
E-Mail: MRoberts@css.edu

Michelle is the Social Work Program Field Director.  Michelle joined the CSS faculty in 2004. Michelle is also a Child Welfare Master Trainer through the Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services; special interests include Indigenous populations and foster care.

Position: UG Prgm Dir/AZ Site Coord SWK
Department: Social Work Extended Studies
Phone: (651) 403-8636
E-Mail: MRunnber@css.edu

Marcia provides social work Arizona distance site program coordination and student course instruction on the Mesa Community College and Phoenix College campus. Marcia graduated from the University of MN- Twin Cities campus with a B.S. in Social Work, with a concentration in child welfare and American Indian studies in 1977 and returned for her M.S.W. in 1980, specializing in children and families, and chemical dependency.  Marcia has had over thirty years of practice experience with children and families in areas of addictions, mental health, domestic violence and special needs. She has been with the C.S.S. Social Work Program for the past 22 years, having an interest in international social work practice, immigrants and refugee populations, Native American services, Veterans, and families of children with special needs.

Position: Asst Prof, SWK, Austin
Department: Social Work Extended Studies
E-Mail: msneed@css.edu

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