Two-great scholarships for our Arizona, social work students

Arizona Social Work Scholarship

Because we value becoming an integral partner with Maricopa Community Colleges, we have developed the Arizona Social Work Scholarship which is valued at $4,000 for the typical student. Actual amount will vary with each student's transfer credits. To be eligible for the scholarship, simply apply by August 1st for the following fall term.

And there is more!

Study Buddy Scholarship for B.A. Social Work in Arizona

With our Study Buddy Scholarship, you, and a friend (or a group) who enroll in an eligible program together will each receive a $1,000 scholarship.

All you have to do is apply, list the scholarship in the discounts section of the application and tell your admissions counselor the names of the people enrolling with you. It's that easy. View more details about the Study Buddy Scholarship!


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