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What is the on-site capstone experience?

The program culminates in an intensive, "in the classroom" session at our main campus in Duluth, Minnesota. During this onsite capstone experience, students take two of the core graduate courses and engage in community and professional development.

It is designed to integrate learning, team building, and networking. Students and alums who have attended the onsite capstone session have affirmed that the experience is an integral and valuable part of our program.

What happens during the onsite capsone experience?

During the on-site experience, students take two courses:

  • HIM 6523 - Graduate Seminar
  • HIM 6524 - Strategic Management in Healthcare

Students are generally in class from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and until noon on Friday*, and participate in networking, socializing, and other learning activities as scheduled in the evenings. Students also present their capstone projects to students, faculty, staff, invited guests, and others in the HIM professional community during a poster session.

Is the on-site capstone required?

Yes, it is required for completion of the M.S. in HIM and M.S. in HIM/ITL programs and cannot be taken through a virtual medium.

What is the length of the on-site capstone experience?

The onsite capstone is one week in duration. The session begins with orientation and Graduate Seminar on Sunday afternoon, as well as a welcome reception Sunday evening. Courses begin on Sunday afternoon and conclude on Friday at noon.

Where and when is the on-site capstone experience held?

Duluth, Minn., (CSS Main Campus) in June.

In addition to tuition, books and course fees, what are the expenses associated with the on-site sessions?

The student is responsible for paying his/her own transportation (airfare, bus, train, or auto), lodging, and most evening meals. Breakfast and lunch are provided by the College's food service Monday through Friday.

Is student housing available?

Yes, student housing is available for rent on campus. Students may also stay at a local hotel, or with friends or family in the area; however, we strongly recommend that students stay on campus or as close to campus as possible to fully engage in learning and community. It is expected that all students are available to attend social events and team work that is sometimes scheduled in the evenings.

Will the on-site courses be completed during the one-week session?

No, courses will have both pre- and post-coursework associated with them. Pre-coursework is typically disseminated one or two months in advance of the session of the actual onsite date and includes reading and other various assignments to prepare you for your in-class work. Post-coursework (exams, research papers, and/or projects) will be required after the session as detailed by the faculty member(s) teaching the course.

How do I prepare for the on-site experience?

  • It is extremely important to come fully prepared (complete all pre-course assignments and readings).
  • Come fully rested as it is an intensive week, with long hours.
  • Travel arrangements will need to ensure arrival and departure times that allow you to attend the entire onsite session and engage in all activities.
  • If employed, make arrangements well in advance for the time off, as there will be little or no time for work during the onsite session.

Will I have time to socialize with family and friends, or do some sightseeing?

  • If you would like time to visit family and friends or do some sightseeing, we encourage you to arrive a few days early or extend your stay longer.
  • If you are traveling with family or friends, please let them know that there will be limited time available to spend with them.

*Note, specific days, times, and schedules are subject to change depending on course activities. Students should not make travel arrangements until they receive final details from HIIM faculty/staff, approximately 2 months prior to the session.

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