FGR Staff

Janet Rosen
Associate Vice President for College Advancement
(218) 723-6072

Anna Aspengren
Grant Reporting Specialist
(218) 723-6734

JoAnne Axtell
Grant Proposal Specialist

Brenda Kimlinger
Administrative Assistant

Foundation and Government Relations

Foundation and Government Relations (FGR) is responsible for managing the College's relationships with private foundations and government agencies. Our goal is to secure grant support in order to maximize educational opportunities for the St. Scholastica community and regional audiences. The College received $3,801,759 grants for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. Thank you to everyone at the College for contributing to that total, and we look forward to our collaborative work during 2014-2015 to continue this record of success.

News of Note


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation awarded the College the seventh and final $50,000 scholarship grant, which will significantly enhance efforts to recruit a larger and more diverse enrollment for our post-baccalaureate nursing program. Scholarship funds will support eligible accelerated program participants and offset expenses accrued through the program.

National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation awarded the College a $999,741 grant in support of a project led by Jen Rosato and Chery Takkunen. The purpose of this grant is to adapt the Mobile Computer Science Principles (Mobile CSP) curriculum developed by Trinity College and offer it, via a summer online course, to at least 180 in-service teachers over the three-year project period. Current Mobile CSP teachers will offer ongoing mentoring and support during the school year to teachers who have taken the online course. This project will significantly enhance and build upon similar work Rosato and Takkunen have done with Google.


Great Lakes Guaranty

The College received a $70,000 Career Ready Internship grant from Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation in support of an initiative led by Carrie Taylor Kemp and Career Services staff. Funds will be used to develop 42 paid internships for students seeking business and humanities careers.