Main Campus Map

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Campus Map

1. Kerst Hall 12. Mitchell Auditorium/Student Union
2. Scanlon Hall 13. Tower Hall
3. Cedar Hall 14. Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel
4. Grove Apartments 15. College Library
5. Pine, Maple, Willow, and Birch Apartments 16. St. Scholastica Theatre
6. Burns Wellness Commons 17. Grounds Maintenance
7. Burns Wellness Commons - Reif Gymnasium 18. Wintergreen Building
8. Softball Field 19. Pinecone Building
9. Somers Suites 20. Saints Field
10. Somers Residence Hall P. Faculty,Staff and Student Parking
11. Science Center

VP. Visitor Parking

* Baseball, hockey and soccer stadiums are at off-campus locations.

The College of St. Scholastica shares a 186-acre campus with the following Benedictine organizations: