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March '14 Winners: CSS Student, Cecilia Molloy and VP Dean of Student Affairs, Kirsten Walker
Cecilia Molloy

According to her peers and mentors, Cecilia is the perfect example of a student who exudes happiness with a healthy lifestyle. Cecilia is always thinking of what she can do to live a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is by hiking, downhill skiing or doing yoga, Cecilia is always doing different things to keep an active lifestyle. In fact, she has just started participating in the Cenergy Program Well U is offering. Her healthy living doesn't stop with simply working out. Cecilia is an avid supporter of recycling waste and eating organic foods, supporting those local businesses that practice this. In fact, Cecilia has been an active member of Earth Action and is the CJL coordinator here at Scholastica. Cecilia is always trying to support any social justice events or programs, for she is a strong believer that living a healthy lifestyle is all about keeping balance in one's life and always keeping a healthy attitude no matter what. Finally, Cecilia is always encouraging healthy habits in her friends, family and peers. Therefore, she is a student who truly leads by example.

Kirsten WalkerAs a mother of three daughters, it's truly amazing that Kirsten Walker finds time to live out a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the constant business of mothering, Kirsten is the wife of a military husband and is often times parenting alone for stretches as a time. In spite of this, she made a commitment to begin working out regularly whether bright and early before the sun comes up or late at night when all else are sleeping. From completing Grandma's Half Marathon and the MS 150 mile bike ride to participating in activities with her kids, it seems as though Kirsten is always on the move. Remaining active with her family is important as she enjoys coaching her daughters and alpine skiing with the family. In regard to other aspects of wellness, Kirsten tends to a small garden with her family and promotes the importance of a healthy, well-balanced diet. Having high energy, feeling good in general, and being a role model to her children help to keep Kirsten motivated on a daily basis.

February '14 Winners: CSS Student, Jelena Radosevic and Graduate Nursing Program Coordinator, Paula McGrew

Jelena RadosevicAccording to her peers and mentors, Jelena Radosevic is much more than an athletic student. Jelena is always striving on making her friends feel at home, and is a true model of what living a healthy lifestyle is all about. According to her friends, Jelena is always encouraging and motivating her friends and those around her to work out and lead a healthy lifestyle. Jelena is an avid Tennis fan and true supporter of her fellow Serbian, Novak Djokovic. At the same time, Jelena is a true example of what a healthy person is all about, not just by eating and exercising, but by being an active leader on campus for the past couple of years. Jelena was an RA for the last two years; mentoring and being a true support for residents from all different ethnicities and backgrounds. Jelena is a true definition of what a steward of your health is all about and for that we congratulate her!

Paula McGrew, our Graduate Nursing Program Coordinator, sets a great example of how to eat healthy and eliminate bad diet choices. Specifically, Paula and her family do not drink any sodas or bottled juices. In addition, they have eliminated processed foods from their cupboards. Paula even makes homemade ice cream for her family! In regard to physical fitness, Paula enjoys walking in the Burns Wellness Center. According to Paula, accountability and encouragement help to keep her motivated. She has participated in the WELLU sponsored Cardiovascular Health Screenings. She took part in the faculty/staff stress-relieving challenge, "There is No Time Like the Pleasant," and, finally, Paula is currently participating in our Coaching Program. As a matter of fact, she has been involved from the beginning in this program that aligns faculty and staff members with the graduate nursing program to help them reach health related goals. Way to go, Paula!

December '13 Winners: CSS Student, Briget Cojocar and Associate Professor of Sociology, Sister Edith Bogue

According to her peers and mentors, Briget Cojocar is an exceptional individual,student, and athlete here on campus. She lives a very active life-style on top of playing a high intensity Briget Cojocarsport, playing for the Women's Hockey Team. At the same time, Briget enjoys to eat healthy, specially her self-made soup. According to her peers, Briget always carries her bag of vegetables and water bottle with her. If there is free food around like cookies or pizza she says no to it and eats instead her own home cooked food. It is very typical of Briget to pull out a huge raw broccoli out of her bag in the middle of class. She is an inspiration!!

Sister Edith Bogue exemplifies many aspects of wellness. As a member of the "Agents of Change" team, Sr. Edith was one of very few faculty members that participated in the faculty/staff challenge, "Trek The Great Wall of China." At this time, her team is in 6th place with 314,622 steps! In addition, Sr. Edith recently participated in a WELLU Cardiovascular Health Screening. On our challenge message board, she spoke of her phenomenal results by explaining that since February of 2013, her cholesterol reduced by 33%, her LDL levels reduced by 52%, and her triglycerides reduced by 27%! On top of that, her HDL levels, known as the ‘good cholesterol' increased to 59! Sr. Edith attributes her success to weight loss, diet, exercise, sleep, and her sabbatical. Sr. Edith recently led a Coursera Statistics study group so it is clear that she incorporates balance into her life in a variety of ways. Finally, Sr. Edith signed up for a Shape Up assessment in December to further advance her physical fitness and reach her goals. If you see her in the halls, be sure to congratulate Sister Edith!

Kristina Van Moer

November '13 Winners: CSS Student, Kristina Van Moer and Coordinator of Residential Life, Katelyn Wieliczkiewicz

According to her peers and mentors, Kristina Van Moer is an exceptional individual, student, and athlete here on campus. Prior to starting graduate school this fall for Exercise Physiology, Kristina was a student worker at the library here at Scholastica. According to her peers, Kristina was extremely committed to the regime she followed in order to prepare for the Minneapolis Marathon. Despite being an asthma sufferer, Kristina ran or cross trained 6 days a week. She ran in the cold, wind, and rain. She completed the marathon with a time anyone would be proud of and may even consider doing it all over again for Grandma's Marathon. Kristina is everything that the WELLU Award encompasses and more.

Katie is not only the Somers Hall Coordinator but she is also the Rugby coach here at St. Scholastica. As only a 23 year old, Katie embodies all of the values of what a holistic person is all about. She is one of the most positive and motivating individuals our college has the privilege of having. Katie motivates her RA team daily, teaching them that they can't take care of their residents without taking care of themselves first. With her regular comments of leading a healthy lifestyle, drinking lots of water, and having positive thoughts, Katie demonstrates to those around her that you can a be a role model at any age. Katie's love for sports is quite contagious as well! From her love for the Red Sox to her love for rugby, Katie demonstrates that every individual should have a balanced lifestyle, and that when you're having a hectic lifestyle you can also have some healthy recreation. Katelyn Wieliczkiewicz has been in St. Scholastica only a year, yet she is a perfect role model of what a WELLU individual is all about!

October '13 Winners: CSS Student, Ana Maria Camelo Vega & Service Learning Program Director, Jay Newcomb

Ana Vega

Ana Maria is the image of what a healthy life style is all about. She truly exemplifies what a balanced life consists off. Besides being an excellent student who is always willing to help others, she encourages everyone around her to live a healthy lifestyle by eating right, exercising, and being fit. She runs at least 30 minutes a day, and was in fact a participant at The Swanny this year. Ana Maria not only excels in living a healthy life, but she also excels in her academic work. She was just accepted into the Honors program and also has a job on campus; which enables her to be a role model to others as to how one should manage their money wisely. Apart from all of this, Ana Maria is always aware of her surroundings, loving nature a little bit more every day. She practices recycling all the time. As if this were not enough Ana is a great friend who will always be there to hear you out and share her advice.

As the director of the service learning program at CSS, Jay Newcomb encourages all those around him to live healthy lives. He does this through his role by working tirelessly to enrich learning, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen our community. As an individual, Jay finds balance through his devotion to social justice. He also keeps himself moving by walking daily and accessing the Burns Wellness Commons regularly. Finally, Jay has a garden through which he practices sustainability. Through these examples, it's obvious that Jay carries out a life of holistic health and wellness. He is a true mentor and friend to all of those around him, and is an important asset to this Benedictine community.

May '13 Senior Award Winner: CSS Student, Kenzie Meagher

Kenzie MeagherGraduating senior, Kenzie Meagher, sure knows what it means to live out a WELLU lifestyle! Although she first began attending St. Scholastica three years ago because the college offered fields she was interested in such as theology and religious studies, the small community and values integrated into student life are what have kept her here. Throughout her time at CSS, Kenzie has created a well-balanced life for herself by creating a routine, seeking out an accountability buddy, and making sure to take time for herself.
In addition to staying organized with school and work, Kenzie has established a regular workout routine. Activities such as running, playing volleyball, and participating in intramurals help her to maintain physical fitness. In terms of eating well, Kenzie seeks out healthy foods to eat a well-balanced diet. While her accountability buddy keeps her on track with her workouts, she also steers her clear of too many desserts! Her buddy even prays and attends mass with her to actively seek spirituality. Lastly, on top of her jam-packed schedule, Kenzie even manages to relieve stress by taking time for herself to silence her phone, sit peacefully, and just take a mental break.
In combination with all of her efforts, Kenzie found the time to attend many WELLU sponsored programs. These include Cenergy Events about food portions as well as sugar in beverages, a discussion on mental health, and the tailgating party. Each of these activities helped Kenzie to recognize how she can be a steward of her health and to identify tips to help her carry a WELLU lifestyle into the future. As her journey with CSS comes to a close this spring, Kenzie encourages all students to take advantage of the programs and resources available on campus to learn more about living a balanced lifestyle. How will Kenzie spend her prize money of $500? She plans to put it toward St. John's School of Theology in pursuing a Masters of Divinity as well as treat her roommates and herself to a nice dinner on the town. Congratulations once again, Kenzie!

April '13 Winners: CSS Student, Gabriel Peltier & Jennifer Maki, Associate Professor of CHM

Jennifer Maki claims that the variety of her physical fitness activities is what drives her to stay in shape. What does she mean by variety? Jennifer Jennifer Makienjoys hiking with her dogs, playing volleyball, cross country skiing, canoeing, and even kayaking! In terms of handling stress, Jennifer aims to get plenty of sleep and make healthy eating choices. She has even attended a beginning yoga class to help center and relax herself. Even though Jennifer refers to herself as a work in progress, I think we can all agree that she is quite the inspiration!

Over the past few months, Gabriel Peltier, an experienced learner here at CSS, has been changing many aspects of his life to obtain a healthier lifestyle. For starters, he has done what many deem as impossible and completely quit smoking. In addition, he is determined to start exercising and eating better to increase his overall health and wellness. Gabriel understands that a healthy lifestyle is more than just physical fitness, and it involves every aspect of one's life. With this mentality, he is definitely on the road to success. Keep up the great work, Gabriel!

March '13 Winners: CSS Student, Bre Adams & Tony Barrett, Professor of Economics

Bre AdamsIf you regularly utilize the Burns Wellness Center, chances are high that you've seen Dr. Tony Barrett going hard at his workout. In an attempt to stay physically fit, Tony aims to workout 5 days a week for at least an hour each time. His hobbies include fitness, watching sports, and reading which many of his students can attest to. To ensure healthy living, Tony also monitors his blood pressure and heart rate. How does he handle stress? Tony claims that he blows off steam by hitting golf balls on the range in the summer and lifting weights in the winter!

According to her peers, Breanna is an exceptional individual, student, and athlete here on campus. She constantly strives to put forward nothing but her best, and she encourages those around her to do the same. Breanna maintains physical fitness by running almost each day as she is a member of cross country and track. She takes time out of every day to clear her mind and relieve stress from her busy lifestyle. In addition, she somehow manages to maintain healthy eating habits and set aside time to reflect on her faith. Breanna is an awesome role model, leader, and friend to many, and peers claim that her smile is contagious!

February '13 Winners: CSS Student, Jenna Stauffer & Jackie MacMillan, Women's Hockey Coach

As head coach of the CSS Women's Hockey team, Jackie MacMillan motivates and encourages her team to live out a healthy, well-balanced life. Setting Jenna Staufferaside the fact that she has completed two Iron Man triathlons, she also eats healthy and regularly attends church. To maintain emotional balance, Jackie sets personal goals for herself and tries to find a positive in every situation that she encounters. There is no denying that Jackie deserves this award.CSS student, Jenna Stauffer, does not struggle to stay active.

As a cross country runner, a track athlete, and a cross country skier, it seems that Jenna just can't get enough sports in her life! Friends claim that Jenna loves the outdoors, and that she also participates in a number of athletic activities with OP. Looking past physical fitness, Jenna promotes a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious foods on a daily basis.

December '12 Winners: CSS Graduate Student, Marshall Kraker & LeeAnn Nelsen, Registered Nurse from SHS

LeeAnn NelsenAll of her coworkers claim that LeeAnn is an absolute pleasure to work with. In order to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle, LeeAnn takes time out of her busy schedule to run regularly. Similarly, LeeAnn starts each day off the same with a tall glass of water to help fuel her body and provide energy for the day. She encourages healthy habits to her peers and to each of the students she graciously takes care of in her role at Student Health Services.

Before coming to Duluth to begin his graduate program here at CSS, Marshall lost over 30 pounds! To achieve this goal, he rode his bike routinely and lifted religiously. In addition to this, Marshall moved to a safer neighborhood and was welcomed by wonderful neighbors. To relieve stress, he purchased a piano and began doing something he loved. physically healthy aids his mental, emotional, and spiritual health which has proved increasingly important since recently going through a heart breaking relationship. Instead of hitting the bottle, Marshall chose to hit the gym more and play the piano twice as much. Pretty motivating if you ask us!

November '12 Winners: CSS Student, Amy Strafelda & Chad Oppelt, from Graduate Enrollment Advancement

Over the last year, Chad Oppelt has demonstrated resilient dedication to his goal to get fit by losing weight. Rather than simply offering a short Chad Oppeltterm change in his activity level, Chad committed himself to this goal completely. Since then, he has attained a significant weight loss, and he is currently 4 lbs. under his goal weight! Besides his recent strides to get fit, Chad is an upbeat and pleasant individual who will always share a friendly "Hello" in the halls.

Somewhere in between her busy schedule of working at Beakers, being a TA, and keeping up with classes, Amy Strafelda still finds time to work out! Amy partakes in some physical activity almost every day, and she encourages her roommates to join her. Since last school year, she has been dedicated to eating healthy and working out regularly. Throughout the summer, Amy maintained fitness by starting insanity, and she is still going at it! Friends call Amy their "Gym Idol," and they are constantly impressed by her motivation.

October '12 Winners: CSS Student, Hannah Frey-Hawkins & Christine Sandal, from Student Health Services

Hannah Frey-HawkinsAll of those around her see Christine shine as she leads out a healthy, active life. When she's not on two wheels biking to school, Christine goes out of her way to walk. Recently, she completed the Moose Mountain Marathon, a 26.2 mile race through the northern woods of Minnesota. Coworkers brag that Christine is a wonderful person to work with, and she sets a great example for all of the students she works with in Student Health Services.

According to her peers, Hannah is everything that the WELLU Award encompasses and more. Hannah spends her time eating healthy, experimenting with exciting recipes, running, biking, playing intramurals, and encouraging her friends to live a healthy lifestyle as well. For the past five months, Hannah tried out being a vegan just to challenge herself! Perhaps most importantly, on top of all of this, Hannah exhibits a positive attitude in all that she does. Hannah is a positive role model and inspiration to all those who surround her.