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Do you or someone you know embody many or all of the aspects of wellness? Perhaps you're wondering, "What are these aspects?" The 7 aspects of wellness include get fit, eat well, seek spirituality, live healthy, find balance, manage money, and practice sustainability. An individual that strives to fulfill these aspects truly exemplifies wellness. Whether they've gone green, improved their eating habits, began an exercise routine, taken up a relaxation method, or you name it, they are living out aWELLU lifestyle! Nominate yourself or that individual today to win this award along with $50!

Current WELLU Award Winners for March!

CSS Student, Kara Warren & Senior Admissions Counselor, Laurajae JohnsonKara Warren

The drive, commitment, and inspiration Kara Warren exemplifies daily, have made her the WELLU Award of Achievement Winner for April. According to her peers and mentors, Kara is the perfect example of a student who exudes happiness with a healthy lifestyle. Kara lives the WELLU lifestyle every day. She is a key component to the CSS Softball team and she gives it her all to anything she does whether at school, softball, or just her daily life. According to her peers, Kara is not only an inspiration to her friends or to the other members of the softball team, but an inspiration to anyone she meets. Since the fall of 2012, Kara has lost an incredible amount of weight and is a true advocate of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She is often encouraging others to challenge themselves in order to become true examples and good role models. Kara is always encouraging healthy habits in her friends, family and peers. Therefore, she is a student who truly leads by example.

Laurajae JohnsonLaurajae Johnson is committed to living out a healthy lifestyle in a variety of ways. She is extremely committed to living an active lifestyle, and she recently began training for Grandma's Marathon this summer. While she's finished Grandma's half four times, she decided to go big and try the full 26.2 miles as she turns 30 this year. Aside from Laurajae's physical pursuits, she is determined to eat well and consume a well-balanced diet. With a 2-year-old at home that loves fruits and vegetables, Laura enjoys experimenting with recipes and trying out Pinterest ideas. She explains that planning is key to eating well, and she does this by mapping out meals for the week on Sunday nights. When it comes to managing stress, Laurajae enjoys walking or running on the Duluth Lake Walk. She finds peace in the scenery and energy of those around her as she meditates. Be sure to congratulate Laura if you see her walking the halls!