St. Scholastica Current Season

Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?
Book by John R. Powers based on his novel
Music and Lyrics by James Quinn & Alaric Jans
Directed by Merry Renn Vaughan
Musical Direction by Sharon Dixon Obst

This coming of age musical follows a group of eight Chicago children. Their story is told in vignettes highlighting the most trying and humorous aspects of their Catholic elementary and high school education. Eddie Ryan is not a stellar student by any means, but with the help of his best friend Becky Bakowski (who is just "a little chunky") they make their way through this delightful musical. Told from Eddie's perspective, we follow Eddie and Becky and their friends as they wrestle with topics like first confession, priests and nuns, adolescence, love, and the gift of a vocation.
"Every number tickles the funny bone of anyone who ever went to school, public or private." -Samuel French 

Where's My Money?
By John Patrick Shanley
Directed by Kelly Mullan

Celeste and Natalie haven't seen each other in years, but a chance meeting gives them an opportunity to catch up. Celeste is an out-of-work actor who is cheating on her boyfriend with a married man. Natalie is not doing much better; she is busy being haunted by the ghost of a former lover who claims she owes him money. A dark comedy that examines how decisions in our past can haunt our present and dictate our future, Where's My Money? highlights John Patrick Shanley's "razor sharp wit" and gift for one-liners. Warning: language and content may not be suitable for all audience members. 

The Fan
By Carlo Goldoni
Directed by Tammy Ostrander

Written in 1763, The Fan is a frolicking romp by Carlo Goldoni, master of Commedia dell'Arte style farce. The gift of a simple lady's fan sparks one misunderstanding after another as two gentlemen pursue the same young woman. Layers of suspicion, paranoia, jealousy, and gossip create a physical comic frenzy with snappy dialogue and biting observations about shifting social contexts. Secret romance, elaborate plots and schemes, and mistaken intentions are all central in the play Goldoni described as "una gran commedia (a great play)."

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