The College of St. Scholastica

Computing Policies

Color Printer Policy

Students Color Printing

Students can print in color to the color printers which are located:

~ Micro Lab T2410

~ Science Commons Lab S3114

Please ask the Help Desk TA to release color print jobs for you.  Each page counts against your semester quota.  If you accidentially print to the color printer, the TA can cancel the job for you, and you will not be charged.

Faculty & Staff College-related Color Printing

Faculty & Staff college-related color print jobs will be printed at the Copy Center, which is located in the receiving area of the Tower building (T2634).

What is the cost and how will I be charged?

  • The cost is $.35 per color print. This will be charged directly to your department account and your department will be billed monthly. You may use your department account number or your department copier card in the card swipe.

What software applications can I print from?

  • If your document was created in Microsoft Office, (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) or any browser, you may e-mail the document as an attachment, to the "Copy Center".
  • If you use another software application (such as PhotoShop), you must request that the new Copy Center printer driver be loaded to your computer. This will enable you to print color jobs in the Copy Center. Please call the Help Desk on X5911 to have the new color printer driver loaded.

Can I still send print jobs to the Tower Hall Computer Lab?

  • Once you have the Help Desk (x5911) load the new printer driver, you can send your print job to the Copy Center.

How do I request the print job?

  • When you send a document directly to the Copy Center printer, it will be held in a print queue and will only be released to the color printer upon your request (via e-mail or voice mail to the Copy Center Coordinator). When you e-mail an attachment to be printed, it will only be printed after you call or e-mail the Copy Center Coordinator.
  • You must call the Copy Center on X7044 to schedule your print job. The Coordinator will work with you to get your job to you in a timely manner. Plan ahead and be aware that the Copy Center Coordinator may be very busy and will need to schedule time to print your job.
  • All print requests must include your name, your department name, your phone extension number, the proper account number to be billed and your 'requested'delivery day/time. Please do not request the job 'ASAP', as the Coordinator cannot determine your requirement from this information.

How do I make color prints on transparencies or special paper?

  • Jobs utilizing transparencies should be cleared via the Copy Center Coordinator to be sure the type of transparency you are using will work in the color printer. It will be your responsibility to provide transparencies.
  • You must provide/deliver any special paper (the standard 20lb copy paper is provided) to the Copy Center Coordinator to print your job. Before purchasing special paper, please be sure to refer to the paper specifications for the color printer (available in the Copy Center).

Cancellation of jobs:

  • Any print jobs that have not been requested to be printed after 3 days will be deleted from e-mail and/or the print queue and it will be your responsibility to resend/request your document to be printed.
  • Once you have requested to have your job printed and it has been printed, your department will be charged. Cancellations will not be accepted after the printing has been done.
The Copy Center hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (excluding holidays).

If you have any questions or problems please call Lisa Anderson X6738 (Copy Center)