B.A. Psychology

Below is a list of courses for the B.A. Psychology program.

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Expand and Collapse Required Courses

Expand and Collapse BIO 1102 - Human Biology and Heredity

Studies the structure, function and heredity of the human body, primarily for students with minimal science background. The content includes cellular structure and function, organ systems of the body, problems in development and function, basic principles of heredity, nature of gene function, inheritance of some human traits, and mechanisms of evolution. This course is not counted toward the biology major.

Expand and Collapse PSY 1105 - General Psychology

Designed to provide an overview of concepts, methods, and applications of psychology. Topics include psychology as a science, research methods, perspectives of psychology, sub disciplines of psychology, biological foundations of behavior, developmental psychology, sensation and perception, learning, memory, thinking, language development, intelligence testing, personality, psychological disorders, psychological and biomedical therapies for psychological disorders and social psychology.

Expand and Collapse PSY 2208 - Lifespan Developmental PSY

Cognitive, personality/social, and physical development from conception to death. Within a life span developmental perspective, the course examines research methods, developmental theories, and application of research findings to selected problems in the major periods of the life span: the prenatal period, infancy, early/middle/late childhood, adolescence, and young/middle/late adulthood. The developmental perspective provides an important foundation for understanding normal children and adults, while also providing the essential knowledge base for the modern view of psychological disturbances as "normal development gone awry." This approach has practical implications for individuals with interests in parenting, caregiving, education, social services, and health sciences with both normal and exceptional populations. Prerequisite: none, but sophomore standing recommended.

Expand and Collapse PSY 3320 - Biological Psychology

Provides an overview of the biological bases of behavior. Topics include basic structure and processes of the nervous system, methods and ethics in psychobiological research, sensation and perception, thirst and hunger, sexual behavior, sleep and dreaming, memory, recovery from brain damage, psychopathology and genetics. Prerequisites: BIO 1102 or equivalent and one course in general or developmental psychology.

Expand and Collapse PSY 4000 - Learning Outcomes Assessment

For purposes of program assessment, Psychology majors take a non-credit, non-graded comprehensive examination in psychology and a scientific-thinking examination near the end of their last semester preceding graduation. Prerequisite: Completion or current semester completion of all requirements for the Psychology major.

Expand and Collapse PSY 4435 - History and Systems of Psychology

Traces development of early and modern psychology and integrates diverse materials and approaches to which upper-division students have been exposed in psychology courses. Topics include philosophical foundations of psychology, early scientific psychology, structuralism, functionalism, psychoanalytic theory, behaviorism, Gestalt psychology, and recent developments in psychology. Race and gender issues are incorporated throughout the course. Prerequisites: two of the following courses (or equivalents), including their general or developmental psychology prerequisites - PSY 3216, PSY 3327, PSY 3328, PSY 3423; junior status minimum, senior status preferable.