Information for New Students

This online training will help you become comfortable selecting and enrolling in your courses, where to go to take your courses and course materials, and how to stay informed throughout the program.

When do I start?

Classes are ready to begin by 8 a.m. the first Monday in the term. However, quite often you will have access to the courses the weekend before the term begins. Classes are typically setup on a weekly schedule so you will find your first week readings and assignments when you login during the first week. Since there are many discussion components in each course it is important that you log into the class as soon as possible at the beginning of each week.

What is my first class?

Regardless of when you are beginning the IT Leadership program in the Fall or Summer semester you will enroll in CIS 6101 Leadership Communications during the first term and CIS 6105 Strategies of IT during the second term. View the complete course schedule.

Which classes do I take?

You must complete four foundational courses, three leadership courses, three advanced courses, and the final applied project sequence in order to fulfill the graduation requirements.

How do I enroll?

Each semester you will receive an email notification instructing you to register for your next semester classes.  You will register through the College's portal system, Cor.  In order to register, you must know the Course Registration Number (CRN) for each class.  Each semester, you can visit the Online Course Schedule to find the CRN for each class and the required materials for each class. View step-by-step registration instructions. If you have any questions about registering for classes, please contact contact OneStop through the OneStop tab in Cor (login required).

Where do I go for my first class?

All IT Leadership courses are delivered through our course management system, Blackboard 9.1. You will log into the system and be presented with a list of courses that you are enrolled in. 

What materials do I need?

All books and other course materials are listed with the course term, description and title in the Online Course Schedule. Textbooks can be purchased through our online textbook store, or at any other location you prefer. Be sure that the ISBNs match before you purchase a textbook elsewhere; there are often many editions of a given textbook and it is important to make sure you purchase the correct one. More information about ordering textbooks.

How can I keep informed?

Throughout your time in the IT Leadership program you will need continue to receive information about the program. Using the Graduate Lounge course in Blackboard 9.1, I have established a blog area where I post information that is relevant to the students in the graduate program. You will also find other discussion boards where you can communicate with other students outside of your classes. Be sure to look around in this Graduate Lounge area. You will find several resources that will help you throughout courses in the IT Leadership program.