Current students

What classes do I need to take?

PJS majors take five core courses (20 credits):  PJS 2101 (Introduction to Peace & Justice Studies), PJS 3101 (Theologies of Peace & Justice), PJS/GCL 3301 (Human Rights), PJS 4555 (Practicum/Internship) and PJS 4400 (Capstone Seminar).  Minors take four (16 credits):  PJS 3101 or PJS/GCL 3301 plus the three others.  The PJS major requires 20 additional credits among elective courses for a total of 40 credits.  The PJS minor requires 6 additional credits among elective courses, for a total of 22 credits.

PJS students are strongly advised to take a course in quantitative analysis (statistics) or in empirical research methods.  

Study Abroad and Internship Opportunities

Peace & Justice Studies includes domestic and international study opportunities.  These opportunities include off-campus experiential learning opportunities operated by the Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs that link academic study with hands-on work for social change. These opportunities have included programs in Bangladesh, Ecuador, Northern Ireland and Scandinavia, as well as domestic placements.

CSS also sponsors a Washington Semester Program of study at American University in Washington D.C.  and offers numerous other study abroad experiences in Mexico, Belize, Russia, India, Tanzania and elsewhere.  Internships may also be available in Duluth-area social justice organizations. For more information, please contact your adviser.


Peace & Justice Studies works closely with student organizations under the umbrella of the College's Center for Just Living. These organizations study peace and justice issues and often offer students an opportunity for volunteer work in social justice agencies and for citizen activism.