Procedures and Opportunities for Music Major Scholarships


Music majors are eligible to apply for Music Scholarships to cover the cost of music lessons on one major instrument for 50-minute lessons and one minor instrument for 30-minute lessons. In special circumstances, a student may request a scholarship for two major areas of study (two 50-minute lessons). Application forms are available from the department chair.

Students who have applied for a scholarship and who have been notified that they have been awarded a scholarship must submit a fee statement at the beginning of each semester. The fee statement must accurately list the music lesson fees; check your music fees/registration carefully. Submit the statement to Dr. Schwarze as soon as possible at the beginning of each semester. 

Students may assume that their scholarships may be renewed as long as they are music majors in good standing and:

  1. Maintain full-time enrollment at the College.

  2. Maintain at least a "B" average in music lessons and ensemble.

  3. Maintain a cumulative average of "B." Incompletes constitute unsatisfactory progress and will jeopardize your scholarship eligibility.