Lessons and Ensemble Information

Music Lessons

What course number should I use when registering for music lessons? There are four levels of music lessons: 1000-level, 2000-level, 3000-level, and 4000-level. The first digit of the course number indicates the level. Incoming students register for 1000-level, e.g., MUS 1713. Students progress through the repertoire and skills for each level then audition for the music faculty before moving on to the next level. You must have faculty permission before registering for levels higher than 1000. The audition to pass to the next level takes place during performance finals. The audition includes sight-reading. Your teacher will give you more information on the requirements for each level. Transfer students may audition for advanced levels upon enrollment at the College.

  • The second digit of the course number is always 7. 

  • The third digit of the course number indicates the number of credits. Music lessons may be taken for 1, 2, or 4 credits. Different credit values presume different amounts of practice time (3 hours weekly per credit). 4 credits may be taken only with 50-minute lessons (permission required). The fourth digit indicates lesson length. Music lessons are either 30 (indicated by 3) or 50 (indicated by 5) minutes in length each week. Permission of the instructor is needed for 50-minute lessons. 

  • The last two digits indicate your area of study, e.g., piano, voice, etc. For example, MUS 1725-09 indicates a 50-minute lesson at the 1000-level taken for 2 credits on lute. 

  • PLEASE DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR MUSIC LESSON REGISTRATION CAREFULLY! Errors in registration are frequent and you may be charged a late fee for changes made later in the semester.

  • Click here for Music Lessons General Syllabus


How do I arrange a lesson time?

Lesson times are arranged with your teacher. Please give your teacher a copy of your schedule and your phone number no later than the first day of classes so that lesson times may be set up as soon as possible.

What are Performance Finals?

At the end of each semester, all music majors taking music lessons perform on their main instrument or voice for music faculty. Sign-up sheets will be posted in advance on the bulletin board outside T3607. Students are expected to arrive with Performance Final forms (available in Music Library) filled out summarizing their work that semester. Failure to perform a Performance Final will result in a lowered grade in Music Lessons. Students who have given a recital during the semester may be excused from giving a Performance Final. Check with your teacher or the department chair.

What other performances will I give?

To receive credit for music lessons, music majors perform at least once each semester on Musicorum, the music department recital hour for students and faculty. Musicorum gives students an opportunity to develop stage presence in front of an audience. Appropriate recital dress and atmosphere is expected. A brief commentary on your piece is welcome. All students are expected to perform on Musicorum, including those giving recitals that semester. A student who does not perform on Musicorum will receive a lowered grade in Music Lessons. Musicorums are held several times each semester at 1:00 p.m. Thursdays. See the attached schedule, p.22. Other performance opportunities include solo recitals, which are required of most sophomores and seniors. See below, p. 18, for more detailed procedures.

How do I sign up to perform on Musicorum?

Once you and your teacher have agreed that you will perform, complete a Musicorum form and have your teacher initial it. Forms are available on the bulletin board outside T3607. Give complete information, including composer and dates, movements to be performed, accompanist, approximate length, etc. Give the completed form to Dr. Schwarze by Friday before the Musicorum.