Facilities and Equipment

The Music Department houses practice rooms, a large rehearsal hall, a Music Library, two classrooms, a MIDI computer lab (with Smart Music accompaniment options), and lockers on the 3rd and 4th floors of Tower Hall. Additional practice rooms are in: Maple 104, Cedar 208, Scanlon 303, Kerst 201 and 203, and the Somers Penthouse. Keyboard instruments include many pianos (including several fine Steinway grands), and harpsichords. Please help us take good care of all instruments. The Department owns most types of orchestral and band instruments--strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. In addition to the standard instruments, there is also a large collection of early instruments, including recorders and other early wind instruments, as well as viols and lutes. The Music Library houses an extensive recording collection as well as printed music. Books on music and collected editions are housed in the College Main Library. An excellent concert hall, Mitchell Auditorium, is adjacent to Tower Hall.

Students who are registered for music courses at the College of St. Scholastica have access to practice and study facilities, as well as to instruments and other materials.

Music faculty, staff, and students work together to ensure that all facilities and equipment remain in good condition so that students may get the full benefit from them. Please help us keep food and drink out of the practice rooms, Music Library, and Music Hall. To prevent damage to rooms and instruments, please close all windows when you leave these rooms. Feel free to offer friendly reminders to others!


Students may rent lockers in rooms 3610 or 3616 or on the 4th floor. See the Music Library staff. Be sure to keep your locker locked; lockers left unlocked may be given a new combination and lock.

Music Library (T3615)

The Music Library is a study and resource center. In addition to study areas, it contains a music technology lab and stereo equipment for listening to records, tapes, and CDs. Recordings, scores, music, and some reference and textbooks are located in the Music Library, in addition to equipment such as metronomes. The Music Library also has a computer terminal for the Main Library collection.

Students may use the large main room of the Music Library. The adjoining workroom is for faculty and staff use only.

When using the Music Library, please respect others who are studying or listening to music by keeping noise levels down. No food, drink, or candy are permitted in the Music Library. Students are not to use the telephone in the library. Please take all personal belongings with you when you leave the Music Library.

Music, books, scores, non-CD recordings, and metronomes may be checked out for one semester. All circulating materials are subject to recall after four weeks, or sooner, if needed for classroom use. Compact discs are on permanent reserve but music majors may check out up to three compact discs overnight.

As a branch of The College of St. Scholastica Library, the Music Library circulation policies are consistent with those of the Main Library:

  1. Most materials are supplied with sign-out cards. Please write your full name and telephone number on the card and present it to the librarian, who will mark the date due on the item. If there is no sign-out card, request one from the librarian. Anything removed from the Music Library must be signed out at the desk. 

  2. RENEWALS may be made ONLY by bringing materials in and having the librarian restamp the card. Materials may be renewed once.

  3. RETURNED MATERIAL and equipment should be presented to the librarian upon return. The borrower is responsible, so be careful of simply leaving items on the desk.

  4. The borrower is responsible for damage, loss, or late return of any materials or equipment. Damaged or lost items must be replaced or repaired at the borrower's expense.

  5. All items must be returned at the end of each semester. Grades will be withheld for people who have not returned all items.

  6. RESERVE MATERIALS are intended for use in the Music Library only. If absolutely necessary, they may be signed out briefly during the day, or overnight to be returned early the next morning.

If you want to listen to records, tapes, or CDs, ask the librarian for a headset. If you have any questions regarding the operation of equipment, please ask the librarian. Please do not make adjustments to the equipment. Kindly report any malfunctions of equipment to library staff.

The Music Library will be staffed from 7:30 a.m. - 7:30 p. m. Monday - Thursday and 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Fridays. If a temporary change is required, a notice will be posted on the door.

Main Library

The Main Library houses a large collection of books about music as well as several scores, music periodicals, music reference works, and video recordings. Books about music are on the 4th floor (see ML and MT call numbers), as are scores (see M call numbers). Music reference works are on the first floor (ML and MT call numbers). The library holds subscriptions to several specialized music periodicals. Current issues are located on the first floor; back issues are on the second floor. Video-recordings are kept on the first floor. Do feel free to ask for help from a librarian.

Practice Facilities

Practice rooms are available for use by registered music students on a first-come, first-served basis. They are open every day of the week. Please keep the rooms neat and clean. To prevent damage to pianos, no food or drink is allowed at any time in practice rooms. When you leave, be certain that all windows are closed, the lights are turned off, and the door is left open. Classrooms (T4611 and T4605) may be used by piano majors and students needing rehearsal space for larger ensembles, although students are requested not to use either room when there is a class in the other one. Both rooms are kept locked, so arrangements should be made with your instructor. Practice time in the Music Hall may be scheduled with Dr. LeAnn House only for rehearsal for an upcoming performance there.

Any problems with pianos (or harpsichords)--sticking keys, missing notes, out of tune, etc.--should be reported to Dr. LeAnn House.

Midi Computer Lab 

Music processing equipment is located in T3608 and is available for music majors to use. This room is kept locked and is not staffed, so students wishing to use the lab must be able to work independently. A list of students eligible to use the lab will be given to personnel in second-floor computer lab on campus. Students may check out a key from the second-floor computer lab. Double check to see that the door is locked when you leave.


Ensemble instruments may be signed out on a semester basis by students enrolled in ensemble or lessons. Please ask your instructor what instruments are available. There is no rental fee, but you are responsible for any damages.

Mitchell Auditorium

Mitchell Auditorium is used by many other departments and groups on- and off-campus and reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. All reservations must be made through the Scheduling Office. Student recitalists must have already scheduled a Recital Permission with music faculty before performance dates in Mitchell may be requested. (See "Recitals," below.) Check with Dr. LeAnn House if you plan to use a piano or harpsichord in Mitchell.