Academic Council Members

Academic Council

Michael Marsden Dr. Michael T. Marsden
Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs
Bowling Green State University
Tower Hall, Room 2113
(218) 723-6012
Dr. Julie Anderson
Dr. Julie Anderson
Dean: School of Nursing
Professor: Nursing
Ph.D. - Univeristy of North Dakota
Dean: School of Nursing
Science Center, Room 3216B
(218) 723-6021
Bruce Loppnow

Dr. Bruce Loppnow
Dean: School of Health Sciences
Associate Professor: Occupational Therapy
Ph.D. - Capella University
Science Center, Room 2103
(218) 723-7033

Aileen Beard

Dr. Aileen Beard
Dean: School of Sciences
Professor: Chemistry
Ph.D. - University of Utah
Science Center, Room 2133
(218) 625-4834

   Dr. Lynn Hamre

Dr. Lynn Hamre
Dean: School of Business & Technology
D.B.A. - University of Bath
Tower Hall, Room 3149B
(218) 723-5930

M. Jo Olsen

Dr. M. Jo Olsen
Dean: School of Education
Associate Professor: School of Education
Ed.D. - University of St. Thomas
Tower Hall, Room 4101B
(218) 723-7040

Tammy Ostrander

Dr. Tammy Ostrander
Dean: School of Arts and Letters
Professor: Communication, Theatre and Arts
Ph.D. - University of Missouri, Columbia
Tower Hall, Room 4111
(218) 723-6173