The ability to express one's self effectively is integral to success in college, in personal and professional life, and in all public endeavors. To develop communication skills, all beginning students and all first-year transfer students without writing/oral communication competencies are required to complete a two-semester sequence of writing and oral communication courses. This coursework cultivates critical thinking skills and the formation of values and encourages involvement in public discourse.

The Dignitas Program provides a common experience for first year students to develop a foundation for intellectual, personal and social integration. The theme of dignity is integrated throughout all courses in the Dignitas Program. Dignitas 1101 and 1102 use one common text and share common meeting times. Courses are taught by faculty members from several disciplines. Dignitas faculty members decide on the specific disciplinary academic content for their sections. Transitional issues that affect students from their first day of orientation throughout the first year are also included. Bret Amundson DMA, Associate Director of General Education, Director.

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