Staff Credentials

Administrative Staff

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Anna Abbott
Production & Traffic Coord.: Marketing Admin and Planning

Troy Abfalter - MA
Director, McNair Scholars: VP Dean of Student Affairs

Amanda Abrahamson
Admissions Campus Visit Coord.: Admissions Admin

Regina Adamy - MA
OneStop Student Counselor: One Stop Student Services

Teresa Aldach
Asst Director, Counseling Svcs: Counseling Services

Christy Alvar
Cash Coordinator, Finance: Finance

Amie Anderson - MA Management
Center/Campus Mgr, Brainerd: Extended Studies-Brainerd

Brenda Anderson
Data Specialist: College Advancement

Eric Anderson
Head Coach, Men's/Women's Golf: Men's & Women's Golf

Jeannine Anderson
Asst Director, Development: College Advancement

Jeffrey Anderson
Carpenter: Shared Facilities

Jennifer Anderson
Housekeeper, 3rd Shift: Facilities Services

Lisa Anderson
Purchasing Manager: Purchasing

Mary Anderson
Director, Career Services: Career Services

Rebekah Anderson
Skills and Simulation Tech: Postbaccalaureate Nursing

Vicki Andrews
Nurse Practioner: Health Service

Robert Ashenmacher
Exec Dir, MCMR/CC: College Communications


Dana Baird
Coord, Educational Experience: GTL

Lori Barnstorf
Admin Asst, Campus Ministry: Campus Ministry

Shawn Bartlette
Asst Coach, Men's Hockey: Men's Hockey

David Bauman
Asst Dean of Advising & Reten: Academic Support Services

George Beattie
Registrar: Registrar

Thomas Beauregard
Painter: Shared Facilities

Cassandra Beckworth
Data Specialist, Mobile CSP: SOE Admin

Terry Belich
Manager, Buildings & Grounds: Shared Facilities

Eric Berg
VP, Enrollment Management: Admissions Admin

Heidi Bergstedt
Admissions Rep, St. Paul/Roch: Extended Studies-St. Paul

Gregory Berthiaume
Janitor: Shared Facilities

Heidi Blunt
Txtbook/Space Reservation Spec: Registrar

John Boecker
Janitor: Shared Facilities

Bridget Bohn
Sr Counselor, One Stop-Fin Lit: One Stop Student Services

Jessica Bortolus
Admin Asst./McNair: VP Dean of Student Affairs

Todd Bouchie
Asst Coach, Track & Field: Men's Track & Field

Ira Bowers
Housekeeper, 3/Facilities: Facilities Services

Nora Brannan
Accounting Technician, Grants: Finance

Leigh Branovan
Asst.Director, McNair Scholars: VP Dean of Student Affairs

Carol Brekke
Counselor, OneStop: One Stop Student Services

Thomas Brekke
Director, Facilities: Shared Facilities

Matthew Bremer
Asst Coach, Football: Football

Rebecca Brenna
Admin Asst, VP Enrollment Mgmt: Admissions Admin

Craig Bridges
Director, Virtual Campus: Virtual Campus

Nathaniel Brown
Advisor, UBMS: Counseling Services

Richard Butte
Regional Director, Ext Studies: Extended Studies - St. Cloud


Kristine Carlson - MA
Asst Dir, Grad & Ext Studies: Trad'l Main Enrollment

Meghan Carr
Admin Asst II, St. Paul Campus: Extended Studies-St. Paul

Alison Champeaux
Dir, Office of Int'l Programs: Office of International Programs

Dione Chanslor -
Admin Asst, SOE Grad Programs: GTL

Dione Chanslor -
Admin Asst, SOE Grad Programs: GTL

Elena Chappelle
Academic Specialist, TRIO: Counseling Services

Andrea Chartier
Adjunct/Ovld, MGT: Career Services

Barry Chastey
Head Coach, Men's Soccer: Mens Soccer

Dawn Christenson
Administrative Asst, SHS: SHS Admin

Keith Christiansen
Painter: Shared Facilities

Kristina Church
Coordinator, SBT: SBT Admin

Michael Clabaugh - MA
Director, NSG Edu Experience: Traditional Undergraduate Nursing

Valerie Clark
Communications Specialist: College Communications

Joel Clasemann
Mgr, EM Data System: Admissions Admin

Cathy Cleary - MD, FAAFP
Medical Director, PA Program: Physician Assistant Studies
Medical Doctor, Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians

Jeri Collier
Asst Reg, Tech Integration: Registrar

Joshua Corrigan
Janitor: Shared Facilities

Susan Cotter
Office Manager, Facilities: Shared Facilities

Alicia Cyr
Registrar Generalist: Registrar


Christopher Davila
Dir,Office-Diversity&Inclusion: Institutional Diversity

Sandy Davis
Admin Specialist, Brainerd: Extended Studies-Brainerd

Rilee Dawson
Head Coach, Softball: Softball

Stacy Deadrick
Head Coach, Women's Basketball: Womens Basketball

Jenessa Demers
Func/Tech Counselor, One Stop: One Stop Student Services

Elizabeth Domholdt - EdD
VP, Academic Affairs: Academic Affairs

Patrick Donaway
Adm Cnslr/Comm Oureach Coord: Admissions Admin

Timothy Dowell
Chief Engineer: Shared Facilities

Amity Driscoll
Admin Assistant, SHS: Health Service

Tyler Driscoll
Admin Assistant, SWK: Social Work

Nancy Dufton
Housekeeper,3/Facilities: Facilities Services

Amy Duray
Business Analyst I: IT Business Analysis

John Dzikonski
Maintenance Engineer: Shared Facilities


John Eastvold
Apps Developer/Systems Admin: Enterprise Information Systems
I am smart

Merissa Edwards
Admin Asst, Athletics: Athletic Director

Courtney Eickman - MS
Graduate Admissions Counselor: Trad'l Main Enrollment

Bo Ekmark
Director, Wellness Center: Campus Recreation

Jessica Ellingson
Campus Minister: Campus Ministry

Iwalani Else - PhD
Dir Institutional Rsrch Assmnt: Institutional Research & Assessment

Ruth Erdmann-Sluka
Dir Corp Rel/Sr Mjr Gft Offcr: Corporate Relations

Jon Erickson
Director, Financial Aid: Financial Aid Office


Karen Finseth
Exec Dir, Planned Giving: Planned Giving

Mickey Fitch
Director, Res Life: Residential Life

Jessica Flink
Asst Coach, Women's Hockey: Women's Hockey

Janine Fosle
Transfer ADM Asst/Data Coord.: Admissions Admin

Roberta Frankovich
Housekeeper: Residential Life

Elise Frischmann
Spec, Grant Reporting: Foundation & Govt Relations


Amy Galarowicz
Director, UB & UBMS: Counseling Services

Thomas Gallegos
Counselor, One Stop: One Stop Student Services

Julie Gehlen
CLEAN Program Coordinator: Recovery Program

Lexie Generous - MSW, LGSW
Safe Campus Intervention Coord: Counseling Services

Ann Gersich
Accounts Payable Specialist: Finance

Brian Gilderman
Vehicle & Grounds: Shared Facilities

Kory Gilderman
Bus Analyst/Proj Mgr II: IT Business Analysis

Anita Gille
Admin Spclst, Disability Svcs: The Center for Equal Access

Jeremy Goad
Janitor: Shared Facilities

Lonnie Golen
Apps Developer/Systems Admin: Enterprise Information Systems

Sandra Goman
Asst Director, Financial Aid: Financial Aid Office

Larry Goodwin
President: Senior Administration

Joel Gratiot
Janitor: Shared Facilities

Patricia Greenwood
Admin Asst,SAL/Gen Ed/Dignitas: SAL Admin

David Gribble
Carpenter: Shared Facilities

Amy Grimm
Regional Dir, Extended Studies: Extended Studies-St. Paul


Aaron Halverson
Buyer: Purchasing

Anh Hansen
Housekeeper,3/Facilities: Facilities Services

Anne Hansen
CRM Data Coordinator: Admissions Admin

Michael Hanson
Manager, Security & Network: Network Services

Karen Hatfield - BS
Admin. Asst. II, OTH: Occupational Therapy

Keith Haugen
Manager, Mailroom/Receiving: Mail Room

Jeffrey Heaslip
Janitor: Shared Facilities

Lawrence Helmbrecht-La Pointe - PhD
Counselor, Schwab: Counseling Services
Licensed Psychologist

Scott Holden
Collections Coordinator: Finance

Joan Holter
Exec Admin Asst, President: Senior Administration

James Hoppe
Advisor, ETS: VP Dean of Student Affairs

Sasha Howell
Suprvsr/Designer, Costume Shop: Theater Productions


Teresa Ipina
Dir, Campus Academic Support: Extended Studies-Rochester


Elizabeth Jacobson
Software Support Specialist II: Information Technology Director

Joseph Janchar - BA
Coord., Academic EHR: AEHR Subscription Service

Catherine Johnson - Administrative Assistant, Non-Traditional Nursing
Admin Asst, Undergrad NSG: SON Admin

Laurajae Johnson - MBA, MA
Senior Admissions Counselor: Admissions Admin

Louanne Johnson
Camp Oper/Summer Housing Coord: Somers Hall

Tricia Johnson
Associate Director, FA: Financial Aid Office

Elliott Johnston
Area Coord, Residential Life: Residential Life

Jessica Johnston
Coord, Academic Support Svcs: CAS/FYDP

Jennifer Jones
Coord, Trans Cr & Prior Learn: Registrar

Christine Jugasek
System Administrator, Web/IT: Enterprise Information Systems


Beth Kaiser
Dir, Liturgical Choir: Campus Ministry

Bryan Karl
Director, Undergrad Admissions: Admissions Admin

Corey Kemp
Head Coach, Baseball: Mens Baseball

Dory Kempf
Director, Student Support Svcs: Counseling Services

Mary Kero
Sr Counselor-Tech, OneStop: One Stop Student Services

Susan Kerry
VP, Finance/CFO: Finance

Brenda Kimlinger
Admin Asst, Alumni Reltns/FGR: Alumni Office

Kathleen King - RHIT
Admin Asst II, PTH: Physical Therapy

Beth Kleinschmidt
Senior Admissions Counselor: Admissions Admin

Lesley Kleveter
Director, Duluth Extended Stds: Extended Studies-Duluth

Xavier Knight
Chief Information Officer: Information Technology Director

Carrie Krueger
Assoc. Dir., Alumni Relations: Alumni Office

Susan Kurth
Director, ETS: VP Dean of Student Affairs


Lisa LaCore
Program Coordinator, UBMS: Counseling Services

John Labosky
VP, College Advancement: College Advancement

Lindsay Lahti - MS
Interim Exec Dir,Grad/Ext Stds: GEO Enrollment

Pamela Lahti
Senior Admissions Counselor: Admissions Admin

Nathan Langer
Dir, Campus Ministry: Campus Ministry

Lowell Larson
Manager, Technical Services: Technical Services

Maria Laughner - MBA
Regional Director, AZ: Extended Studies - Arizona

Barbara LeGarde
Coord,Youth Theology Institute: Theology & Religious Studies

Mary Lee
Coordinator, SAL: SAL Admin

William Leino
Tax Compliance Coordinator: Finance

Sarah Libbon
Interim Sr Exec Dir, Mktg/Comm: Marketing Admin and Planning

Dale Lindsey
PC Support Specialist I: Technical Services

Lindsey Lindstrom
New & Transition Student Advis: Academic Support Services

Elizabeth Lisak
Housekeeper 3/Facilities: Facilities Services

Sharon Lohman
Admin Spec/Data Coord, SOE: Education

Julie Lonetto
Program Mgr - PA Program: Physician Assistant Studies

Meg Lucas
HR Generalist/Staffing: Human Resources

Lori Luing
Web Spec/Front End Dev: Marketing Admin and Planning

Jennifer Lund
Specialist, Inter Library Loan: Library

Claudia Lundquist
Data Coord, CA: College Advancement

Nu Ly
Campus Manager, Inver Hills: Extended Studies-St. Paul

Steve Lyons
VP, Student Affairs: VP Dean of Student Affairs


Jackie Macmillan
Head Coach, Women's Hockey: Women's Hockey

Stephen Maio
Janitor: Shared Facilities

Chris Maki
Janitor: Shared Facilities

Sue Maki
Dir, Conference & Event Svcs: Mitchell Auditorium

Jonna Marholz
Senior Financial Aid Counselor: Financial Aid Office

Terry Marholz
Interim Controller, Finance: Finance

Maribeth Mark
Marketing Planner: Marketing Admin and Planning

Brian Martin
Mgr, Graphic Design & Adv/CC: Marketing Admin and Planning

Kyle Marxhausen
Interactive Services Manager: Marketing Admin and Planning

Daniel Matthews
Graphic & Interactive Designer: Marketing Admin and Planning

Michael Mattson
Maintenance Energy Technician: Shared Facilities

Elizabeth Mayou
Coord, Educational Experiences: GTL

Margaret McBride
Learning Technologist: Office of Continuous Improvement

Paula McGrew
Operational Prog Coord,Grd NSG: DNP

Carleen McMillan
Admin Asst, VPAA: Academic Affairs

Mark McPhail
PC Support Specialist II: Technical Services

Amanda McQueary
Coord, Educational Exp, NSG: Postbaccalaureate Nursing

Karen Mehle
Admin Asst. VP, CA: College Advancement

Michael Meister
Janitor: Shared Facilities

Mary Meyer
Special Events Coordinator: Admissions Admin

Oliver Meyer
Assoc Dir/Admissions: Admissions Admin

Frances Micken
Office Specialist, Facilities: Shared Facilities

Jordan Milan - MBA
Senior Marketing Planner: Marketing Admin and Planning

Susanna Miller
Academic Coordinator, SWK: Social Work

Dana Moore
Head Coach, Volleyball: Volleyball

Judith Morwood
Admin. Asst., PSY: Psychology

Laura Munson
Online Student Advisor, HIM: Health Info. Mgmt.-Masters Prog.


Jamie Nauman - MS
Asst Dir, Intramural/Fit Coord: Campus Recreation

Kirk Nauman
Head Coach, Track & Field: Track & Field

LeeAnn Nelsen - RN
Nurse, SHS: Health Service

Carol Nelson
Admin Asst./ETS: VP Dean of Student Affairs

Michael Netland
Maintenance Engineer: Shared Facilities

David Newberry
Housekeeper: Facilities Services

Amanda Nix
Admin Specialist, GEO: GEO Enrollment

Eric Nordgren
Program Manager, HIIM: H I M


Roberta Oberpriller
Manager, Bus Analyst/Proj Mgt: IT Business Analysis

Peggy Ocel
Manager, User Services: Help Desk

Shawn Olesewski
Coord., Outdoor Recreation: Pursuit

Deborah Olson
Assoc Dir, Student Accounts: One Stop Student Services

Don Olson
Director, Athletics: Athletic Director

Ksenia Olson
Manager, Saints Shop: Saints Shop

Pam Olson - Advisor, Non-Traditional Nursing
Online Student Advisor, RN/BS: RN/BS

Chad Oppelt
Asst Dir, Grad & Ext Studies: GEO Enrollment

Tim Orlowski
Manager, Maintenance: Shared Facilities

Andrew Ortman
Oracle DBA/ERP System Admin.: Office of Continuous Improvement

Karen Ostovich
Access Services Manager, LIB: Library


Brenda Panger
Assoc Dir, Transfer Admissions: Admissions Admin

Michelle Parkevich
Institutional Research Coord.: Institutional Research & Assessment

Jaymeson Parsons
Recruiter, Grad/Extended Stds: GEO Enrollment

Rockwell Patten
Head Coach, Tennis: M & W Tennis

Jeffrey Pearson
Recruit/Retention Spec, NSG: Traditional Undergraduate Nursing

James Pederson
Vehicle & Grounds: Shared Facilities

George Penree
Asst Coach, Football: Football

Sherry Penree
Admin Asst/Coord, SSC: SSC Admin

Gina Perfetti - MSED, LPCC
Counselor, SCHWB: Counseling Services

Megan Perry-Spears
Dean of Students: VP Dean of Student Affairs

Christine Potter
Campus Manager, AZ: Extended Studies - Arizona

Patricia Pratt-Cook
VP, HR & Chief Diversity Ofcr: Human Resources

Sarah Prom
Senior Counselor, Fin Aid: Financial Aid Office

Nam Provost
Director, Inclusive Excellence: Human Resources


Kurt Ramler
Head Coach, Football: Football

William Reichelt
Integration Dev/Data Analy Spc: Enterprise Information Systems

David Reyelts
Head Coach, Women's Soccer: Womens Soccer

Darrin Reynolds
Oracle DBA/ERP System Admin: Enterprise Information Systems

Thomas Rheaume
Head Trainer, ATH: Athletic Trainers

David Robinson
Asst Soccer Coach: Mens Soccer

Jesse Robinson
Dir., Athletic Communications: Sports Information Director

Linda Rogentine
Director, OneStop Student Svcs: One Stop Student Services

Janet Rosen
Assoc VP, College Advancement: Foundation & Govt Relations

Lisa Roseth
Exec Dir, Alumni Relations: Alumni Office

William Rossing
Manager, Network Services: Network Services

Steven Rowan
Janitor: Shared Facilities

Wendy Ruby
Admin Assistant, UB/UBMS: Counseling Services


Renee Saamanen - MBA
Online Student Advisor: Transitional Doctor of PT

Chad Salmela
Head Coach, Nordic Skiing: Nordic Skiing

Gail Samarzia
Administrative Asst, SSS: Counseling Services

Christine Sandal - BS, RN
Clinic Manager, SHS: Health Service

Marisa Sanderson
Coord, SA & St. Union Mgr: Student Activities

Arthur Sasse
Mgr, Telecommunications: Telecommunications

Andrew Schmitz
Advisor, Academic/UB: Counseling Services

John Schottenbauer
Media Services Tech Specialist: Audio Visual Services

Nikki Schutte - MA
Interim Dir Acad Tech/On-Line: Office of Continuous Improvement

Michael Scott
Janitor: Shared Facilities

Tad Sears
Director, SCHWB: Counseling Services

Kevin Seime - MFA
Designer/Director, Theatre: Theater Productions

Jean Seinola
Accounting Technician: Finance

Tara Serck
Senior Budget Analyst: Finance

Elizabeth Simonson
Exec Dir, Dvlpmnt/Annual Gifts: College Advancement

Ronald Skenzich
Master Electrician: Shared Facilities

Stephanie Sklors
Asst Dir & Program Coor/UB: Counseling Services

Gwen Smith - MEd, RHIA
Online Student Advisor, HIM: HIM Progression

Lisa Smith
Admin Asst, Student Affairs: VP Dean of Student Affairs

Tiffany Snider
Assistant Director, SSS: Counseling Services

Julie Speikers - MA
Financial Aid Counselor: Financial Aid Office

David Staniger
Head Coach, Men's Basketball: Mens Basketball

Sarah Stewart
Crd,Multi Cultural Stu Success: Institutional Diversity

Megan Streveler
Shape Up Coordinator: CSS Employee Clinic

Kevin Suliin
Cashier, OneStop: One Stop Student Services

Thomas Supinski
Manager, LAN/IT: Network Services

Diane Swanoski
Admin Asst./SCHWB, Career Serv: Counseling Services

Jennifer Swanson
Payroll Coordinator: Finance

Brandon Swartz
Asst Baseball Coach: Men's JV Baseball


Carrie Taylor Kemp
Employer Relations Associate: Career Services

Mark Taylor
Carpenter: Shared Facilities

Anna Temple
Spec, Grant Proposal: Foundation & Govt Relations

Breanne Tepler
Admissions Representative: GEO Enrollment

Inga Thompson
Medical Assistant: Health Service

Sandra Thoreson - BS
Admin Assistant II, Nursing: SON Admin

Rudy Tinoco
Janitor: Shared Facilities

Donna Trettel
Housekeeper: Residential Life

Jenny Truebenbach
Counselor, Fin Aid (online): Financial Aid Office

Michael Turner
Manager, Safety & Security: Shared Facilities


Terri Van Reese
HRIS Specialist: Human Resources


Rachelle Wakefield
Benefits Specialist: Human Resources

Kirsten Walker
Asst Dir/Advisor, ETS: VP Dean of Student Affairs

Julie Walkowiak
Specialist, Acquisitions/LIB: Library

William Walsberg
Janitor: Shared Facilities

Anne Ward
Housekeeper: Facilities Services

Diana Wark
Admin Asst./HIIM: H I M

Melissa Watschke - MSW, LGSW
Dir, Disability Resources: The Center for Equal Access
Licensed Graduate Social Worker

Katie Wayne - MA
Asst Dir, Grad & Ext Studies: Extended Studies - St. Cloud

Laura Weeks
Business Analyst, Technical: IT Business Analysis

Peggy White
Campus Operator: Somers Hall

Mark Wick
Head Coach, Men's Hockey: Men's Hockey

Jennifer Widstrom
Wellness Programmer: Well U Fac/Staff

Ara Wittwer
Athletic Trainer: Athletic Trainers

Julie Wolf
Athletic Trainer: Athletic Trainers

Diane Wood
Admin. Asst., St. Paul: GTL


Julie Zaruba Fountaine - MS
Wellness Coordinator: Health Service

Cheryl Zupec - BFA, MA
Marketing Planner: Marketing Admin and Planning