Marketing Program

The marketing major helps students develop the knowledge and abilities needed to construct marketing strategies and activities that can be applied in large corporations, small businesses, or a retail environment.

Marketing students will study topics including product design, customer relations, advertising, market research, marketing of services, marketing on the Internet, and creating strategic marketing plans.

Coordinator: David Anstett, M.B.A.

Marketing B.A. major

The Marketing major offers students new and dynamic career choices and prepares them to work for either an independent marketing agency, an advertising agency, or within a corporate marketing department. Additional coursework is available in personal selling, retailing, or small business marketing. An adviser will help students tailor their course selections to their particular needs and interests. In addition to the core business courses, students select a specific concentration in either marketing strategy or marketing analytics.

Marketing majors must complete the following required courses and at least one of the concentrations below.

Required courses: ACC 2210 Principles Financial Accounting, ACC 2220 Principles of Managerial Accounting; ECN 2230 Principles of Microeconomics; CIS 2105 Information Systems Applications; MGT 2120 Principles of Management, MGT 3130 Quantitative Methods, MGT 3240 Human Resource Management; MKT 2320 Principles of Marketing, MKT 3320 Marketing on the Internet, MKT 3340 Market Promotion, MKT 3350 Designing Successful Products, MKT 3370 Services Marketing, MKT 3380 Logistics & Distribution Channel, MKT 4360 Marketing Strategy; PHL 3354 Management Ethics, plus eight upper division credits from the following disciplines: Accounting, Applied Economics, Finance, Marketing, Management, or Computer Information Systems or CTA 3241 Graphic Design, CTA 3041 Publication Design CTA 3341 Media Production, CTA 4041 Web Design CTA 4400 Advertising, or CTA 4404 Public Relations.

Marketing major outcomes:

The student completing the Marketing major will be able to:

  1. Relate marketing theory and practice by solving marketing case problems and creating strategic marketing plans.
  2. Exhibit oral and written communication skills in a marketing context through oral and written marketing plans, personal selling demonstrations and new product presentations.
  3. Develop problem-solving skills by using critical thinking methods to analyze marketing case studies, create innovative solutions to consumer problems, and justify strategic market positions.
  4. Demonstrate skillful use of technology through multi-media presentations, creation of marketing websites and use of social media as a marketing strategy.
  5. Integrate ethical and social responsibility in marketing through meaningful research projects that show social responsibility of organizations in action.

Marketing minor

The minor in Marketing requires at least 20 credits of Marketing courses and must include: MKT 2320, 3320, 3340, and two upper-division marketing courses. Four internship credits (MKT 4555) may be used.