The goal of the Management major is to prepare students for managerial careers in a wide range of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. The major emphasizes the human dimensions of management and teaches students how to apply theoretical concepts to the solution of real world problems. In addition to completing the required management courses, students may focus on specific areas of interest through their choice of management electives.

Coordinator: David Anstett, M.B.A.

Management B.A. major

Required courses: ACC 2210, 2220; CIS 2105; ECN 2230, 2280; ENG 3364 or MGT 3150; MGT 2120, 3130, 3240, 4170, FIN 3420 and MKT 2320; PHL 3354; plus an additional 16 credits of upper-division elective credits, which must include a minimum of eight Management (MGT) credits and which may include up to eight upper-division credits from the following disciplines: Accounting, Applied Economics, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, or Computer Information Systems.

Although a management internship may be designed to earn more than four credits, the internship will count as only one elective course.

Minimum 2.4 cumulative grade point average in the required courses.

Management major outcomes

The student completing the Management major will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to use accounting, finance, human resources, information technology, and marketing knowledge to support managerial decision-making.
  2. Demonstrate problem-solving skills, by using critical thinking and quantitative methods, in creating and implementing strategic and operational plans appropriate for a business or nonprofit organization.
  3. Apply required skills in developing effective group and team dynamics associated with leading, motivating and inspiring teammates to successfully complete a major project.
  4. Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills appropriate for a manager.
  5. Understand how global issues and diversity will affect future work.
  6. Apply ethical behaviors in addressing challenges encountered as managers.

Management minor

The minor in Management requires at least 20 credits of Management courses and must include: MGT 2120, 3240, MKT 2320 plus two upper-division Management courses (MGT prefix). Students may design a minor with any Management faculty member; a course plan must be approved by the department chairman and filed with the Registrar.

Healthcare Administration Concentration

This concentration requires 15 credits from the following courses in the School of Health Sciences: HSC 2203 U.S. Healthcare System (4 credits); HIM 2110 Concepts and principles of Health Information Management (2 credits); HIM 2111 Health Information Management Technologies in Practice (2 credits); HIM 3132 Medicolegal Issues (4 credits); HIM 4222 Clinical Data Management (3 credits). Candidates for the program must earn a minimum GPA of 3.0 through their first two years (60 credits) of college.