Health Informatics and Information Management Course Descriptions

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HIM 2101 - Medical Language - 3 cr.
Studies terminology common to medicine; utilizing word elements as a basis for building medical terms and analyzing meanings; defining, pronouncing, and spelling commonly used medical terms; conversion of layman’s terms to appropriate medical terminology. In addition, terminology of specific medical allied health specialties (surgery, dentistry, radiology, etc.) and abbreviations are reviewed.

HIM 2102 - Intro to Pharmacotherapeutics - 1 cr.
Introduces the variety of drugs used for disease treatment for each body system. A general understanding of how drugs work, their potential and limitations, as well as their diversity and number will be explored.

HIM 2110 - Concepts & Principles of HIM - 2 cr.
Introduces the field of health information management. Content areas include an overview of the electronic patient record, professional roles within the field, professional organizations and the professional Code of Ethics; the content and structure of manual, computerized and hybrid health record and the standards that govern the development of the record within a health care facility; viewing medical documents and e-forms. Hands-on lab experience will be used by students to develop their confidence and competence with employing this type of clinical information technology in the practice of their profession.

HIM 2111 - HIM Technologies in Practice - 2 cr.
Applies technology to HIM practice including electronic health records, clinical information systems, and management information systems in HIM. Hands on experience with electronic systems and technology applications for creating, managing, and storing and retrieving electronic health data will be used by students to develop their confidence and competence with employing this type of clinical information technology in the practice of their profession.

HIM 2777 - Independent Study - 0-4 cr.

HIM 3132 - Medicolegal Issues - 4 cr.
Study of the U.S. judicial system; hospital, medical staff and other professional liability; health information as evidence; consent for treatment; retention and release of medical information; the health record as a legal document; risk management, prevention and potential; confidentiality of health information; and a patient's right to know.

Prerequisite Course: HIM 2110

HIM 3211 - Classification Clinical Data - 4 cr.
Focuses on the roles of classification systems, vocabularies, terminologies, and clinical and administrative data standards in the healthcare setting. Topics include the utilization, collection, maintenance, and retrieval of specified health vocabularies and data in healthcare facilities. The course will also focus on the relationship between the systems and processes for standardization in health information exchange. Prerequisite: HIM 2101 and BIO 3020.

Prerequisite Courses: BIO 3020, HIM 2101

HIM 3777 - Topics: HIM Directed Practice - 0-4 cr.

HIM 4222 - Clinical Data Management - 3 cr.
Managing coded data in healthcare organizations; uniform data sets and healthcare informatics standards for health data collection; evaluation of data quality; DRGs, MS-DRGs and other case mix systems; revenue cycle management; data collection for enterprise; reportable and specialized databases; data mining of healthcare data. Prerequisite: HIM 3211.

Prerequisite Course: HIM 3211

HIM 4231 - Clinical Quality Management - 4 cr.
Calculates meaningful clinical, administrative, vital, and public health statistics; addresses medical staff organization and function; evaluation of patient care; clinical information analysis; integrated quality improvement activities; patient safety; case management; utilization management; risk management; and performance improvement processes.

Prerequisite Courses: HIM 2111, HSC 2203

HIM 4315 - Management Tools and Strategies - 4 cr.
Focuses on the concepts, principles, tools, and strategies utilized in managing operations within a performance improvement model. It includes problem solving and decision making models as well as tools and techniques for planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the available resources which comprise a Health Information Service.

HIM 4415 - Health Data Analytics - 4 cr.
Provides a foundation for designing databases and analyzing healthcare data to enhance clinical and administrative decision-making. Topics include database management, data analysis, data reporting, SQL, statistics, data mining, and data visualization. Students will have practical experience with software applications used in the healthcare industry.

Prerequisite Courses: CIS 3107, PSY 3331

HIM 4421 - Alternative Health Record Syst - 2 cr.
Analyzes health record content and format; regulatory and accreditation requirements; privacy & security requirements, data standards and classification systems; computerized information systems; reimbursement and compliance issues; quality measures and reporting, and current trends and issues in a variety of types of primary healthcare settings.

Prerequisite Course: HIM 4520

HIM 4423 - Applied Research in Health Information Management - 3 cr.
This course focuses on the role of applied research in health care services, health informatics, and health information management. Topics include research design, research methods, evaluation and outcomes research, research process, data analysis, the data-to-information-to-knowledge continuum, and ethical issues in research. Students will analyze published research projects, develop a research proposal and data collection tool(s), prepare an IRB submission, conduct and present the results of an applied research study.

Prerequisite Course: PSY 3331

HIM 4520 - Directed Practice - 2 cr.
Directed Practice is a component of the professional practice experience for distance/online program with no or minimal current work experience in health information services. The focus is on the common functions, procedures and staffing requirements in hospital-based health information services. Prerequisite: HIM 2110 and HSC 2203.

HIM 4555 - Professional Practice Experience - 4 cr.
This is a supervised professional practice experience (internship) that includes managerial or other related professional practice roles and experience in health information management departments and other health information related areas. Hospitals, medical centers, clinics and alternative healthcare facilities across the United States are used. An administrative project, visits with users of health information (finance, decision support, registries, etc.) or unique healthcare facilities or agencies are an integral component of the clinical internship.

Prerequisite Course: HIM 4511

HIM 4556 - Seminar in Health Information Management - 2 cr.
Seminar is a student-centered experience revolving around internship experiences. Students discuss and present professional practice experiences; share learning experiences, and present project work. In addition, employment preparation and career opportunities are a focus. HIM professionals in unique career settings are invited to interact with the students. Preparation for the credentialing examination is explored to help the student transition successfully into the professional world. Prerequisite: HIM 4555 or HIM 4530, 4540, 4550.

Prerequisite Courses: HIM 4550, HIM 4555

HIM 4777 - Topics in HIM - 0-4 cr.
Courses not a part of the regular Health Information Management curriculum but taught because of a special need, interest or opportunity.

HIM 4999 - HIM Independent Study - 1-4 cr.
Advanced investigation in an area of special interest. Topic must be approved by department chair; may be related to a problem existing in a healthcare facility or may be research oriented.