Week one into the Olympics in Sochi

St. Scholastica's Student Newspaper
The Cable
By: Andre Smith-Hill  - Student Journalist -
Photo credit to corporate.comcast.com

Photo credit to corporate.comcast.com

As 2014 rolled around we had many things to look forward to in the sporting world. Both the NHL and NBA playoffs will start before we know it. The World Cup in the summer is sure to gain the attention of sports fan around the world. But with the new year the most sought after portrayal of athletes (for winter sports) from around the world are currently competing in Sochi, Russia; all doing their best to bring home the Olympic Gold medal to their respective countries. We are about one week into the Olympic events and already history is being made. From new events, to new world records set, even to the conditions in Sochi, the Olympics of 2014 are making their mark on the Olympic record books.

Conditions in Sochi have been described as less than perfect, to say the least. The men and women athlete living at Olympic Village certainly are well taken care of. It is largely the journalist covering the events from all around the world who have had the complaints and even some very stunning pictures.

However, although there have been a few mishaps, including the opening ceremony incidents where the Olympic logo looked slightly off, the athletes of the Olympics have not been fazed. The competition is as always immensely entertaining and we have already seen history this year. There is a record setting 88 Countries being represented, with seven nations making their Winter Olympics debut. Also, eight new events were introduced including; Figure skating team event, women's ski jumping, mixed relay biathlon, ski half-pipe, team relay luge, ski slope style, snowboard slope style, and snowboard parallel special slalom. The new additions have proven to be entertaining and worthy of Olympic sports thus far. The ski half-pipe is sure to gain some recognition.

As of right now (Monday Feb. 10) The Netherlands and Norway lead the medal count with seven total medals, no surprise there, with Russia, Canada and The USA not far behind with 5 medals. Sage Kotensburg and Jamie Anderson both won Slope style Snowboarding. Anderson was the clear favorite coming in and she did not disappoint. The women's hockey team is also doing very well, scoring a total of eleven goals in just two games and letting up just one. Their two wins have come against Finland and Switzerland, two very formidable teams.

There is also the case of J. R. Celski who many are calling the next Apollo Ohno. The young skater, only 23 years old, is most well known for his 2010 Olympic experience when he sliced his leg open after a hard-hitting collision with one of the other skaters. He was not expected to skate again but actually went on to win two bronze medals. He and Shani Davis are expected to lead the US team to a gold medal.

If you have not been keeping up with the Olympics so far, you still have much more competition to see and more records to be set. Be sure to pay close attention to the USA Men's curling team and the Switzerland Women's hockey team as athletes from Duluth both made the teams.