Vandalism Follow Up

By: Tayler Boelk 
Tires keep getting slashed at The College of St. Scholastica.

Tires keep getting slashed at The College of St. Scholastica.

        Over the Halloween Weekend many vehicles on campus were left with slashed tires and other damages to their exterior. This was a surprising disturbance to the usually safe feeling at CSS. Many students were outraged by these acts and are still wondering who would do such a thing.

        A few theories have been going around including the possibility of it being a sports team initiation, as similar incidents have happened in years past. We would like to let you know there is no evidence supporting this theory. Others speculate that it could just be trouble makers celebrating Halloween in their own unpleasant way. Whoever it is, students hope their actions have come to a halt so the unease we feel can cease.

         Erica Williams, a freshman who had her tire slashed in the recent flux of vandalism, has continued to have problems after the incident. After the initial slashing she replaced her tire with a spare only for it too, to get slashed a week later. It was then Erica received a temporary parking permit to park in a different lot until the situation was resolved. Despite this permit, she still received a parking ticket.

        "I haven't heard anything for a few weeks from [security] about anything in the situation," said Williams, who plans to talk to them about the ticket sometime this week. Students at CSS offered their support to the victims of vandalism in kind words and suggestions on how to prevent future incidences. Student Senate member Srijita Kar says Student Senate has been working on ways to make everyone on campus feel safer.

        She tells us "Security has been increased. There are multiple officers patrolling the campus at night". Student Senate has taken into consideration suggestions posed by students in the previous article, such as more lights in back lots, and will continue to discuss ways the problem can be resolved.

        As always, if a student feels unsafe on campus they can request an escort by calling Campus Security, for emergencies at 723-6175 or non-emergencies at 723-5937. Students can also contact the College of St. Scholastica Confidential Campus Crime Reporting Hotline at 723-5357 or Campus security at (218) 723-6175 if they have any information regarding the vandalism.

If you have any questions or suggestions for Student Senate, you can contact Srijita at or email