Student Employee of the Year:

St. Scholastica's Student Newspaper
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By: Jordyn Kirk  - Student Journalist -

A Seussebration for All

Ariana Korpela was named as the 2013-2014 Student Employee of the Year. The '13-'14 academic year is the fifth annual year that the award has been given.

The Cor homepage reported that Korpela was nominated by her supervisor, Bo Ekmark.

"From day one we knew we hired a unique individual. We promoted her to the Shift Manger position by the end of her freshman year - one of our youngest Shift Mangers ever," said Ekmark. "Since then she has become our unofficial 'Leader of the Shift Managers.' The Crew looks up to her because she has all the right answers, works independently, has attention to detail, and is able to treat others with humor, kindness, and respect."

In 2009 the Student Employment for Professional Success (S.T.E.P.S.) created Student Employee Appreciation week, and with it the Employee of the Year award. The goal was simple, to show that student employees are appreciated and important to the college.

"Ariana will graduate this spring with a Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences," Ekmark said to Cor, "She will graduate in December 2015 with Master of Health Sciences in Occupational Therapy and she plans to specialize in pediatrics and work at a children's hospital. With her skills she will make an incredible contribution in anything she does."

The Cor article also cites that there are over 700 student employees working at the college spread throughout over 65 different departments. With the sheer number of student employees who help to keep the college running smoothly, it makes sense that S.T.E.P.S. enacted Student Employee Appreciation Week.

The theme this year was "Seussebration," and the Dr. Seuss themed Cat in the Hat posters can still be seen floating around campus. By the quantity of posters, it's easy to see how much everyone appreciates the work done by student employees.