Shaun White Drops the Ball in Sochi, but Picks up a Guitar?

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By: Andre Smith-Hill  - Student Journalist -
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Shaun White is the most dominant snowboarder of our era and throughout his career has brought the sport to new heights. He was highly anticipated as the favorite to take home two gold medals, adding on to his medals he won at the least two Olympics. However, after electing to drop out of the slopestyle competition and taking a fall on the half pipe, White will be leaving Sochi with no medals whatsoever.

Astonishingly, no American on the men's snowboarding team brought home a medal this year, something that has never happened before. The athletes complained about the half-pipe, stating that they had to deal with slush and bumps on the run. In Sochi thus far, conditions have been quite questionable. It is actually reported that the country went about $50 billion over budget in preparation for the Olympics and it is common knowledge they weren't exactly prepared for all those involved.

Not a single American on the men's team was astonishing, no doubt, but the real surprise came when White told the world that he will be taking time off the tour with his band, "Bad Things."

White talked with Jeff Passan, Yahoo Sports Reporter, and reportedly said, "I need to take a little break from snowboarding for awhile."

White is the groups drummer, and apparently no rookie. He says he and his group are very serious about their music career.

"I drop everything for these guys, photo shoots, practice, anything I need to do," said White during a Rolling Stone interview. Because it's a very serious thing for us. I stopped snowboarding and I completely dive into skating. I forgot everything about snowboarding and I focused completely on skateboarding. And that's how it's been for music."

The two-time Olympic gold medalists and X-Games champion in both skateboarding and snowboarding is not one to live life cautiously. He is always taking things to the next level, which may explain his seemingly sudden move to a rock star. Then again, who wouldn't take a shot at the rock star lifestyle if it was there waiting for them?

The band plays American synthrock and is not unheard of. They opened for Lollapalooza in 2013 and have played in the New York City tour. They have also shared the stage with ‘We Are Scientists' and ‘X Ambassadors.' Their most popular song is, "Caught Inside," and had a music video come out along with it only days after White's failed attempt at a 3-peat.

Is this the new Shaun White? The next time he is being watched by thousands of fans, will he have a guitar in hand instead of a snowboard strapped to his feet? It seems only time will tell.