School Cancellation Confuses Many

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By: Hayley Smith  - Student Journalist -
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Chilly weather has once again struck Duluth and it doesn't look like it's going to cease and desist anytime soon, or that's what the groundhog determined anyways. With all of this cold weather, many students look forward to days of sleeping in and having days off, and lucked out on Monday the 27th when school closed due to the cold.

But the question of the hour, is why didn't the school close on Tuesday when it had a very similar temperature to Monday? Well according to Director of Communications Robert Ashenmacher, "The conditions and weather forecasts determined closure for Monday and a late start for Tuesday."

In addition to this, the Severe Weather Closing Policy that was posted on Cor states that, "The College will close if weather conditions present a danger to students and employees." "Since each weather event is unique, the College does not have a specific temperature, rainfall amount, wind speed, or snowfall amount that determines closure."

In addition to questions about the reasoning behind the campus not closing both days, there was a rumor going around that the board that makes the decision actually looked at all of the posts on the Facebook page CSS Confessions regarding the weather and asking to have campus closed on Monday. But truth be told Mr. Ashenmacher did clear that up by stating that that did not in fact have anything to do with the decision making.

As most of the students may have noticed, the alerts about school closing and delay has been received the night before for both time this semester. That is merely just a fluke and actually isn't expected to happen very often. Mr. Ashenmacher said, "Sometimes, such as recently, conditions and forecasts enable the College's leaders to make a decision the night before. When that's possible we'll communicate the decision. We always communicate as early as we can. But often it's not prudent to make the decision until the morning."

Whether the notice is communicated out the night before or the morning of, the Severe Weather Closing Policy does state that, "The College announces whether the Duluth campus will be open or closed by 6:30am at latest."

Although many students aren't happy with the decision made on Tuesday in regards to campus closing even though all schools in surrounding areas did close, CSS does have an explanation for that. "Adults are able to make their own decisions regarding their safety, and taking this into account, the College will be open far more often that K-12 schools during severe weather."

So to all the students, be you a commuter student or one that lives on campus, be safe and stay warm. If you don't think it's safe out, make sure you make that decision for yourself before you put yourself at risk. And here's to six more weeks of cold.