New CSS Science Building Bio Labs A Hit

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CSS Science Building. Photo credit to

CSS Science Building. Photo credit to

By Shelby Lonne

Some days, cake and science just go hand in hand. Microscopes, lab coats, and food of all sorts could be found at the Biology Labs Open House in the Science Building at The College of St. Scholastica Friday January 17th from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

"Personally, I think it's nice to have facilities that are up to date in the sciences. It really helps out us and the teachers. The environment works better," said Nick Lambrecht, a senior Biology major who plans to go to grad school for microbiology, about the labs. Indeed, it seemed as though the staff were just as excited as the students, if not more.

"They're [the labs] just beautiful," said Biology instructor Jane Wattrus. "We're all excited for the new space. It enables more activities and lab space for everything. It'll be really nice to not have to get up and get a shared space ready at 6am to go for an 8am class. This way we have our own space with the materials all ready for us."

What's all the hype about? Three newly renovated lab spaces for specifically Biology courses were showcased in order to show off their usability for projects, classes, and experiments. Students were dressed to the nines and had prepared poster boards and short presentations on their individual groups to show staff and students who wandered through. Some of these groups included the Pre-Med club, the Biology club, and Physical Therapy staff and students.

Not everyone knew about the open house. Anyone who was not a Biology professor or student did not seem to know about it, including the Beakers employees while the open house was happening right down the hallway. This is something to be celebrated!

"In this environment we're now able to do more research as students," Lambrecht said. "This means getting better opportunities now for internships and that's great."