Monty Python Crew Is Back at It

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By: Jordyn Kirk  - Student Journalist -
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What did Monty Python ever give us? Well besides The Holy Grail, The Meaning of Life, and The Life of Brian, what did they really give us?

It's been three decades since the members of Monty Python went their separate ways, but no more. The classic British comedy group has announced a reunion tour of Monty Python's Flying Circus, to show for a total of ten days at London's O2 theater. After a mere 43 and a half seconds according to CNN, tickets for the first announced show sold out entirely. The following four shows were added next, and then they decided to tack on five more to round the tour out.

At a press conference on Thursday, November 21st, the Monty Python crew officially announced the tour at the Playhouse Theater in London.
Everyone can continue to look on the bright side of life with these ten tour dates on the horizon.

"Apart from anything else, we're all a lot mellower now," Terry Jones said, in an interview with The Telegraph. "We've become a bit like an old married couple - we may have our spats, but we do really love one another."

Fans are glad to hear that the cast is reuniting, although they do feel the loss of Graham Chapman, who passed away in fall of 1989. However, the other five members will all be taking to the stage together, to reenact classic skits with a bit of new material mixed in.

"We have to be very careful about doing new stuff," John Cleese said on the Andrew Marr show. "It's not a theatrical presentation, it's like a rock concert and when people go to rock concerts they want to hear the old songs and they're actually literally disappointed if you do new material."

With eight months to go until the July tour, fans will have to settle with re-watching the classic films and reciting skits. In the words of Monty Python, "[We're] not dead yet!"