Me, Myself, and Selfie

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By: Kate Murphy  - Student Journalist -
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Even though Kim is away, the Kate will play.

While Kim is off on an exhilarating adventure with leprechauns, rolling green hills, and pints of Guinness in Ireland, I'm still here to not only brave the polar vortex, but to continue to supply you with nonsensical words of wisdom and insight.

We're "Kickin' it with Kate."

From the birth of a royal baby, to the selection of Pope Francis, 2013 was a 365-day whirlwind. Trends, tragedies, and twerking thrusted a presence this past year. Among the notable mentions was a single word that took the world by storm: selfie.

The Oxford Dictionary's "Word of the Year" isn't a new word. As a matter of fact, this snapshot that we take of ourselves and upload to a social media website, whether it's on our iPhone or digital camera, first emerged back in 2002. But today, the word is everywhere... or rather it's our face that is everywhere.

A night out on the town with your friends? Selfie time. Need a new profile pic? Just whip out the camera and shoot away. It doesn't matter who you are - President Obama, Justin Bieber, or the premier selfie-er Kim Kardashian, selfies are a digital mark of modern society.

And it's not just a "smile-pretty-and-look-at-the-camera" selfie that has flooded social media. Oh, no. The selfie has a wide array of faces:

The "gym" selfie.
The "mirror" selfie.
The "I'm hanging out with my pet" selfie.
The "car" selfie. Also known as the "seatbelt" selfie.
The "Oh, I just woke up" selfie.
The "duck face." No people. Just... no.
The "I need attention so I will upload a ton of pictures of my face on every single social media" selfie. You know who we're talking about.

These are only the tip of the selfie iceberg when it comes to the world of self-portraits. The art of the selfie is not just a trend. It's a way of life. Let's continue this tradition into 2014 and for the rest of our life, shall we? Let's celebrate 2013's "Word of the Year" and be "selfie-ish." Get it?

Come on now - take out your phone and hold it at a high angle, making your eyes look bigger and more defined. Position your thumb over the button and turn to your best side.


Ta ta for now,