Ludacris Comes to Duluth

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By: Anna Wetter  - Student Journalist -
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Who comes to mind when you think of the most likely person to perform for UMD's spring concert?

What are the chances that it was Ludacris? Say hello to the rapper and actor known as Ludacris, who will make his way up north to Duluth this April 11th at the Amsoil Arena, courtesy of UMD Kirby Program Board.

Ludacris has released multiple albums, including The Red Light District, Theater of the Mind, and Battle of the Sexes. Most recently, Ludacris has released a new mixtape entitled, #IDGAF. In terms of his acting career, many may recognize him as Tej Parker from numerous Fast & Furious movies. He's the guy who started out as an old friend of Brian O'Conner's who eventually becomes a member of Dom's crew as the technical expert. (He made a nitrous-powered harpoon. I mean, how could you forget that?)

Ludacris is the man who came out with the song, "Money Maker", also known as the song that sneaks its way into your head and makes you wonder why you suddenly feel the urge to "shake your money maker like somebody about to pay you". Also, now it's all stuck in your heads... I'm sorry about that.

Who was the person that thought, "Hey, you know what sounds like a great idea? Let's get Ludacris to perform for our spring concert!" In addition, who went along with it? Regardless, it will be an entertaining concert and tickets go on sale February 28th at 10:00 am at all Ticketmaster locations or at the DECC Ticket office. So feel free to get loose and get carried away, as this concert will certainly be one to remember.