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By: Jordyn Kirk  - Student Journalist -
Locally Laid is competing for a Super Bowl commercial spot. Photo credit to locallylaid.com

Locally Laid is competing for a Super Bowl commercial spot. Photo credit to locallylaid.com

        Locally Laid Egg Company of Duluth is in competition with three other small, local businesses for a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl. By going to SmallBusinessBigGame.com, users can click daily to push Locally Laid towards getting that coveted shining moment during the Super Bowl. Voting will end December 1st should be announced on December 3rd.

        With only three other competitors left; GoldieBlox from Oakland, CA; Dairy Poop from Nampa, ID; and Barley Labs from Durham, NC, Locally Laid has some tough competition.  However, with enough local support, they could easily be pushed into the winning team.

By going to LocallyLaid.com, people can see what exactly this small business is all.

        "We're a Northland family running a mission-based farm in Wrenshall, Minnesota," said the about section of their website. "For us, it's about getting people Real Food, while treating livestock and the planet well in the process. (Plus we have a funny name.)"

        The site also says that Jason Amundsen, who owns the business alongside his wife, Lucie Amundsen, went to the Duluth Co-op and was surprised to see that there weren't any local eggs. He decided to solve that problem.

So what would this 30-second commercial mean for Locally Laid?

"I'm convinced our daily clickers want to start a national conversation about America's

food system," Amundsen said in the Blog section of their website. "We, as a people, need to ask

ourselves tough questions about the ecological footprint of that prepared snack product grown

several states away then shipped and processed out-of-region, before getting on another truck to

head our store. And I like Cheetos as much as the next girl."

        Amundsen went on to say that Locally Laid eggs will stay within 400 miles of where they're produced, so no, Locally Laid is not going to be producing eggs nationally.

        "Then there's Duluth. Oh, Duluth. My whole community is investing its pride. Frankly, our little corner of the world could use some exposure for being a great place for young families to live, "  mundsen said. "And talk about generous. We're seeing VoteLoLa.com on marquees all over town and on social media sites. Homemade signs are going up in windows and free ads from local websites. Our mini-flyers, printed by our locally owned UPS Store, are glued to pizza boxes from 4 different shops, handed out with restaurant checks and at local grocery stores checkouts. There's an electronic billboard in the works and even a handful of people have Peep'd out their rides. Now lawn signs and fun "I'm One of LoLa's Peeps" bubbles are adding to the mix - and it would seem our little, pasture hen is going viral."

        If Locally Laid is going to win this highly-contested Super Bowl commercial, they need all the local support they can get. People who want to help out can go to VoteLoLa.com and click on the "Vote for Us" button once daily, as well as view a video and some interesting facts about this little, local business that might just get national recognition.