It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Summer

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By: Kate Murphy  - Student Journalist -
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Go ahead, my friends. Lie in the grass. Study the clouds. Soak up the sun. Roast marshmallows while singing campfire songs. Be lazy. You have my permission.

When summer final rolls around, I act with child-like glee. It doesn't matter how old I get, my heart belongs to summer.

We can't wait for the fun in the sun to make an entrance. However, it seems as though once we are set free from the stress of exams and late-night studying, we forget to sit back and relax.

Instead of downtime, it's get-up-and-go time. I'm guilty of it too. Whether it's an internship, athletic camp, or summer courses, we get so busy that we forget to enjoy the sizzling sun and the smell of freshly cut grass.

These activities and job opportunities are very admirable, but here's a question: Why so busy?

Like I said earlier, I'm guilty of the busy-bee syndrome. Even though I have an internship lined up for the summer, I need to remember to take a step back and to be a five-year-old again.

Let's do nothing all summer. That's right. Nothing. I know it won't advance our career goals or boost our bank accounts, but it might be good for us to just take a break for a while.

Think back to your childhood summers: lying in the grass, hands behind your head, trying to figure out if the cloud looks like a dragon or if it's now morphing into an elephant. Closing your eyes, the sun brightly beams down its hot energy onto you. Ahh, warmth. All of a sudden, a refreshingly cool breeze swiftly wafts your face. Not a care in the world. And no idea what the time is. Or what day it is, for that matter. Is it Wednesday? Or Saturday? Who cares.

You can do anything you want. Sleep until three in the afternoon? Sure. Wake up early and go play some baseball or ride your bike? Sounds good to me.

Those were the days.

Today it seems like we're always on the run. While I think it's great to keep yourself busy with soccer tournaments or a summer job, it's important to take a step back.

We need to lighten up our load. Sometimes, doing nothing is doing something. Sure, a job and traveling softball may be fun, but if we cram in activities from the last day of school to the first, we are ignoring an important fact: the way we work during the academic school year (just the homework itself is a full-time job), signals for a mental break. Replenishing the juices by kicking back is a great idea.

You may be thinking, "If I don't do something productive, I will just be bored out of my mind. I don't want to waste away my days with Netflix or texting."

That could be true. Unless you take away the cell phone, iPod, laptop, or game console. We survived our childhood without an iPhone; why not now?

Let's channel our inner child.

Go grab a book and lounge back in a chair. Build something. Go to the park or the beach. Have a bonfire. Roast up hot dogs. Take a walk. Sit under a tree and watch the birds fly by. Get some friends together for a sleepover under the stars. Get wet: a pool, a hose, a sprinkler, whatever.

Congratulations, CSS. We survived another academic school year (I may be doing a victory dance while typing this). My brain is yearning for a little R&R. Before you blink, it will be September - the month synonymous with the start of another school year, and where the days are once again jam-packed with sports, classes, meetings, and student organizations.

That's fine for September. But if September is no different from June, July, and August, then we're doing something wrong.

If you really want an assignment over the summer, I have one just for you:


Ta ta until September,