It’s Over?

St. Scholastica's Student Newspaper
The Cable

Hey Saints,

I know I fell off the "President's Corner" a while ago. I know there are probably a handful of other things that I might have dropped the ball on, but this isn't about what I've messed up or haven't done. 

When Brandon and I took office, we really wanted to get to know you all, and to put a smiling face in the Senate Office that you could bring your problems. It's been a great year as Student Body President. I've seen a lot of Saints succeed and bring a lot of attention to CSS, even if I didn't fully get to meet all of you in the news, it was an honor to represent you and to brag about you.

More than anything, this past year has shown me the things that happen that keep CSS running and keep our community thriving. I've heard from the Trustees about different things that are in the plans to grow St. Scholastica, and heard from students about how those same plans will benefit them. I've seen work that Facilities puts into making sure that things are working, and how hard IT works to get the student voice when looking at new technological decisions.

I've spent the year being the voice to the Administration for the students, and now I would like to be a little voice from the Administration to the students. The Faculty and Staff at St. Scholastica care about the students, not just because we are the reason the bills get paid, but because they all want to see Saints succeed. I'm impressed with each new story and each new faculty/staff member that I meet. There is a reason that so many people choose to work at St. Scholastica for many years, and still love their job with each new day.

I can't do shoutouts for everyone; that would be a long, long, long article. I do want to extend a huge thanks to Facilities, Custodial work, and UDAC. From the student perspective, it is too easy think that all of these things take care of themselves. The reality is that there are a set of dedicated people cleaning our school, plowing our parking lots, and making sure that everything is clean and tidy. Since I only have a little longer as the "Student's Voice" I want to say thank you from all Saints.

CSS, thank you for giving me a school where I can grow, meet new people, and succeed academically. Saints, thank you for giving me a great pool of friends that have taught me about their cultures, their stories, and why they came here. The semester is only half over, but I can almost hear Vivat St. Scholastica and I'm ready to walk across the stage. As someone that has transferred to 3 different schools, I can proudly say that I love being a Saint.

With Love,
Connor Blacksher