Dave Romano: Active Minds Speaker

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By: Hannah Kunde  - Student Journalist -
David Romano. Photo credit to youtube.com

David Romano. Photo credit to youtube.com

With second semester continuing to make its way through CSS, both professors and students are beginning to feel the pressure of the second half of the academic school year. After a long break, the second half of the year seemed to hit the ground running when it came work load and stress. For many people, this is a draw back to college and a typical hurdle that everyone has had to accomplish. However, for many students and staff, this stress is much more of a serious matter than just grading tests or doing a homework assignment. It is not uncommon for stress to turn into depression.

According to The World Health Organization, about 11% of adolescents have a depressive disorder and that major depressive disorders are the leading cause in disability among Americans age 15 to 44. Although reported to be found more likely in women, it is assumed that many male cases of depression go unreported. Depression, unlike some other health conditions, is not something that goes away in a day, weeks or even years. For many people, men and women, depression is struggled with for an entire life time. However, many are unsure how to deal, cope, or even learn about depression, Dave Romano seems to lend a helping hand with his words through Active Minds.

Dave Romano travels speaking to a variety of people about his experience of living with depression. In high school, Romano had negative feelings towards himself to the point of physically hurting himself. His depression continued to worsen even after school and if it were not for the people that cared about him, Romano might not be here. Today, Romano continues to use his story to teach others that you can survive with depression and also help others as well.

The College of St. Scholastica is excited to bring Romano to the college and tell his story in person. He will talk not only about his struggles but also how he was able to get through his depression. Many of the places he has visited in the past has helped both young and older adults, especially men with their depression. One of the first steps Romano discusses when struggling with depression is asking for help. For many people this is not easy to do, especially with the high expectations resting on people's shoulders. Romano focuses on frustrating expectations that were set for him as a growing man and feeling that he has failed to meet those expectations.

For those wishing to see Romano in person and hear his inspiring story, he will be presenting in Mitchell Auditorium on February 21. For those who are not able to attend Dave Romano's story, they can see a shorter clip of his speech at the link below. According to Active Minds, Romano focuses now on a bachelor degree in social work at CSS, along with helping families struggling with families with mental health issues.