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Every single day in Duluth, over 150 children have no place to go, so they are forced to endure the elements and spend their nights outside. Just this past week, Duluth broke the record for consecutive days with below zero temperatures; something we all laughed about while it made others lives harder with each day. We as citizens of this city have an opportunity to do our part in putting an end to this epidemic, simply by make snow angels.

On Sunday, March 9th at 3:00 pm, taking place at Molasky Stadium, a charity event will be held to raise money in order to build a homeless shelter for children here in Duluth. This event has been put together by Churches United Ministry, Lifehouse, and Lutheran Social Services. These three non-profit organizations have created the Center For Changing Lives, which is designed to make it possible for homeless children to get off the streets and provides opportunities to go to school or even obtain a job.

Everybody remembers the attempt at the Guinness Book of World Records for snow angels last year? That was put on by the same organization and now they are back at it, raising money for an incredible cause. All that is asked from those attending is to bring $5 a person, or $10 a family. It will be a family fun atmosphere, and everybody is invited to join in the festivities.

Think about it for a moment; no more kids sleeping in a bed of snow. This is something that you can have a direct impact on. How did these kids get in this situation? Most of the time it is out of their hands.

"A lot of these kids are leaving home because they're at risk from something," said Bob Sherman. "They've got abusive parents so they're just not going to go home, even in this kind of weather."

Many of us can hardly brave the walk from Kerst to Tower every morning. It's incredible these kids have the will to live in weather we do all we can to stay out of. This homeless shelter would provide an opportunity for kids to live the way they deserve to; with a roof over their head. The great thing about his shelter is that the giving does not stop there.

"It is going to have all of the services," said Sherman. "All of the counselors, all of the beds, everything, so that these kids can come to one place and if they need help getting into school, they can do that. If they need help getting a job, they can do that. They can find a physician or whatever."

So, not only is a homeless shelter being built, but an organization that will help lead to the success of these kids. 92% of children who go through the Center For Changing Lives program never become homeless again. The city of Duluth along with the great organizations that do the most for their less fortunate citizens, are dealing with the homelessness problem very proactively, and people are taking note.
"I'm proud that Duluth has been active in regards to this issue of homelessness," said President of CSS, Larry Goodwin. "We still have a long way to go, but Duluth is blessed with some very committed leaders and citizens who care about this issue."

One week from Sunday, you have the opportunity to make this home a reality. You will be able to drive down Superior St., look at the children's home and say, "I helped make that happen."