Beagles, Top Hats, and David Hasselhoff

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By: Jordyn Kirk  - Student Journalist -
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The Internet on April 1st

From American Eagle Outfitters releasing a dog line called "American Beagle" and Cheeteau, a perfume that smells like Cheetos, to the wonderful jokes played by Google, the internet was full of pranks on Aprils Fools Day.

Funny enough, the "American Beagle" line proved to be so popular that, according to the Huffington Post, they will be a real line coming to stores this Christmas.

The commercial for Cheeteau came out at 31 seconds, and is a beautiful mockery of perfume commercials as they exist today. This is one product that will not be coming your way soon.

Popular social networking site Tumblr added a widget to their sidebar that read "Go Pro. Free" Users could click the button, and would then be shown a short commercial about Tumblr Pro. If users chose to go Pro, a classy, black top hat would fall from the top of the screen to rest on the corner of their profile picture. By scrolling down their dashboard, users could track if the people they followed has "upgraded to Pro" based on the top hats or the lack thereof.

The website ThinkGeek always releases a fake product for April Fools day, and this year they released "Rosetta Stone: Klingon."
Google was the winning trickster of the year, with each aspect having a different prank. Google Maps released the Pokémon challenge, in which users could explore the map of the world to find different types of Pokémon and eventually fill their Pokédex. Gmail promoted the "Shelfie" which was a theme that caused the users background to change to a variety of selfies. Google+ topped the cake, with images of David Hasselhoff photoboming user's pictures.

YouTube claimed to be behind all of the viral videos, and introduced the new ones for this year: clocking, kissing your dad, and the Glub Glub Water Dance. All of the videos can be found on YouTube.

On the track of videos, Netflix featured two actual films, Sizzling Bacon and Rotisserie Chicken. The films were reminiscent of the Yule Log or fish tank films, meant to be played in the background while the watcher was focusing on something else.

These are just a smattering of the pranks that were pulled on the internet over April Fool's day, and with a simple Google search, there's always more to discover.