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By: Grant Hartmann  - Student Journalist -
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Basketball updates: The Continuing Story of your Own College of Saint Scholastica Saints and Our States Pro Team The Minnesota Timberwolves.

The Saints:

1-6 as of December 1st, not the greatest start the team's average margin of defeat in these first 7 non-conference games is 15 and the stats aren't to pretty either.

The squad is averaging 67 points per game and their field goal percentage barley rises about 40 percent where as their opponents are averaging significantly closer to 50 percent. So at this point in the season, save their victory against Finlandia, The Saints have looked sloppy. The team is still heavily reliant on Trevor Morlock, a sophomore who is averaging 15 points per game and almost 8 rebounds in 27 minutes a game.

You may be asking yourself how this year's team is different from last years. The 2012-2013 Saints started a very similar to this year with a record of 1-5 at this point with their only win coming against a familiar foe Finlandia. The year before that, they beat UW superior and Finlandia in Non-conference for a grand total of 2 non conference wins. Finlandia is an independent division 3 team that regularly gets crushed by teams in it's own conference and usually fails to win more than a handful of games a year.

The Saints can't wait for conference action to start on January 14th and frankly neither can I, here's hoping the conference season goes significantly better that the pre season has been.

The Wolves:

9-9 after a November 30th victory against the Dallas Mavericks, The Wolves are still looking to find their team identity and some new faces may help.

15th in league points allowed per game and they just traded their former 2nd overall pick (Derrick Williams) for a defensive minded overachieving Cameroonian prince (Luc Richard Mbah a Moute)from the kings and in one game he's already proved his worth. The defense he brings to the team is a major plus and an extremely need at the Small Forward position. Zach Harper of CBS sports writes of the trade, "The Wolves have been looking for more defenders that can be versatile in defending multiple positions. Mbah a Moute would certainly give them that as he can defend both forward positions."

Although it may seem like an admittance of failure for The Wolves to swap a former number 2 overall pick for a rotation player it makes sense for The Wolves and their defensive struggles this season.

The Wolves made a trade that indicates them wanting to win more... this season. I can't remember that happening for a very long time. As for the trade, time will tell if it was a good move, but I think it may just work out beautifully for both teams.