2014 NFL Mock Draft

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By: Alex Hennesey  - Student Journalist -
QB Teddy Bridgewater. Photo credit to thecruchzone.com

QB Teddy Bridgewater. Photo credit to thecruchzone.com

It seems that the only thing to be happy about these days if you're a Minnesota Vikings fan is that the season is more than half way over. The Vikings have been flat-out awful in 2013 and they are not alone. The Vikings are even spared the shame of being the worst team in the league thanks to the Jacksonville Jaguars who have only managed one win this season; only one less win than the Vikings (and the Bucs, Falcons, and Texans). Thinking about all this terrible play isn't good for anyone's mental health so with that in mind it is time to move the focus to the upcoming NFL draft. Last week I profiled the top QB's who will available in this years draft and who could be a Viking by this time next season. This week I will go one step further and present my first 2014 NFL mock draft (Top 10 picks) based on the standings as of today.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars- Marcus Mariota, QB Oregon

There is no question that Jacksonville will take a QB first overall. The question is do they take Mariota or Bridgewater? While both QB's have star potential I expect the Jags to go with Mariota whose raw athletic ability will be too much to pass up. Especially when you think about him and MJD in the same backfield.

2. Minnesota Vikings- Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville

I don't expect the Vikings to end up with the second overall pick come April, but if they do they will certainly select whichever QB the Jags pass on. Bridgewater is too talented to pass up even if Josh Freeman shows something at the end of this season.

3. Houston Texans- Jake Matthews, OT Texas A&M

If the Texans end up third overall I would not be surprised to see them trade this pick to move back in the first round to take a QB with Bridgewater and Mariota off the board. If they decide to keep the pick taking Matthews, the top tackle in the draft, would be a logical choice and I'm sure Arian Foster wouldn't mind the selection.

4. Atlanta Falcons- Jadeveon Clowney, DE South Carolina

Atlanta would have to be ecstatic seeing Clowney, arguably the best defensive player available, fall into their lap. This season was really an anomaly for the Falcons who were plagued by injuries. Clowney would be a force on their defensive line for years to come.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Anthony Barr, OLB UCLA

If Tampa ends up getting inside of the top 3 picks I could definitely see them grabbing a QB, but at the fifth pick Barr is an absolute steal. The best LB in the draft is too good to pass up even if the Bucs could use help on the O-line.