“Next to Normal” with Joey Brueske

St. Scholastica's Student Newspaper
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By: Tayler Boelk  - Student Journalist -
Joey Brueske

Joey Brueske

Joey Brueske says his love of theater began in kindergarten when he saw his first musical, however, he did not audition for a show until his sixth grade year. Since then, his love for theater has only increased. Many students recognize Joey from various shows put on by the CSS Theater department, but now "Joey Brueske" is a name all Duluth theater goers are coming to know. Recently seen in the rock musical "Next to Normal", Joey and his co-cast members received amazing reviews.

When asked to describe the show in one sentence Joey said, "A roller coaster of emotions, in the best way possible." The musical depicts the struggles of Diana Goodman, mother, wife, and sufferer of manic-depressive disorder, also known as bipolar disorder. This rock musical is one of only 8 musicals to win the Pulitzer Prize for drama and winner of three 2010 Tony Awards. Eric Sampson, a Duluth Community member, had great things to say about the show, "The renegade performance was incredible. They brought so much depth to each character...and emotionally drag you into the show."

In addition to the emotional ups and downs, the audience receives a fantastic musical performance from a handful of talented singers. Joey loves working with such talented cast-mates saying, "I think the talent level of everybody in this show is something I haven't experienced ever in my career."

Joey agrees that is important for all people to involve themselves with community activities, especially the arts. On campus, Joey is studying biochemistry. He finds that the arts act as a good stress reliever and create a better-rounded person. "...I just rack my brain all day on science and I go home and kind of de-stress with singing and acting" says Brueske. His advice for students wanting to try out for both on-campus and off-campus shows is, "Go for it! If you audition and you don't get it, nothing is lost, if you make it it's great!"

Joey plans to continue his acting through work-shops during the summer as he pursues his degree in biochemistry. One thing Joey wants readers to know is, "Basically, there is a lot of amazing theater going to Duluth. You don't need to go down to the cities or Broadway to see great theater."

If you are interested in viewing or auditioning for any shows check out some of the local theater companies such as www.renegadetheatercompany.org and www.duluthplayhouse.org.